Digikey is a pain in my ass

They messed up two parts out of my order, which I can understand… mistakes happen. So I talk to customer service and get them to send me correct components and they send me the wrong ones again! You’d think that if you made a mistake and you went to correct it, you would try really hard to get it right the second time. What a bother, how irritating. Guess i’ll wait another week for the hopefully right parts.

That’s unfortunate. Perhaps it’s wrong in their system. I love Digikey though. It’s one state away so my orders arrive in 2 days. I hope it works out.

well they sent me an 11 pin connector, and then replaced that with a 6 pin. The part number and piece I needed is a 16 pin. :shrug: Whatevers going on it’s getting silly.

That does sound like a pain in the butt.

But now you have a 17 pin connector, so you got one pin 4 free!

I do like that digikey is so close to me, do for less than $3 shipping I can have my parts in 2 days, but I stopped using them for large orders because they were making multiple errors almost every shipment. Granted, they would send the correct parts, but it’s problematic when I’m working on a build for someone. I haven’t had any issues since I started using Mouser for the large orders.

Yup. I think Mouser will be my go to.oh and @frank, i used the 11 pin to make a 6 pin so im still short some pins :stuck_out_tongue:

I have had no issues so far with them.

Actually, they were faster (and with cheaper shipping costs!) than Mouser for shipping down to Argentina.

Placed my order on a Thursday, had my order on Tuesday delivered to my office! Never had anything shipped faster from any vendor from the US or EU!

But their prices are not the cheapest usually.