Digikey BOMs


While I was ordering components for my self I have created several BOMs on digikey which might be useful for other boardies as well.

Here they are


I know! It’s terrible. I’m always checking in to see if you’ve gone public. Getting the shakes!

Also, I made a couple of changes to the BOM

I think something will be announced soon to cater to the needs of the hardcore solder junkies…

I can’t wait… Oh no… let DIYAS (do it yourself acquisition syndrome) begin. :slight_smile:

Ok, in order to feed the need to solder, I have been purchasing boards, sourcing the parts locally, then selling them. It’s kinda sick that I enjoy the build THAT much! Anyway, To help with the ordering process, I decided to build an excel spreadsheet that has a worksheet for EVERY filter board (except the “your own filterboard” board). These BOM’s are all complete with notes and alternate items and their part numbers… They are all built primarily for Digikey (US). All other items (except 2 or 3 things total) are from Mouser. If you use any of these, please be aware that only the Digital Board BOM and the SMR-4 MKII BOM have been used for actual orders. The rest are “just in case”, so, please verify everything is correct before ordering. Well, I am building 1 4P and 1 Polivoks next, but why stop building BOMS there? If there are any mistakes, please let me know so I can make the change.

Hi, my name is Adam, and I am a Solder Junkie.

EDIT: The EXCEL file will not upload. Hmmm.

EDIT (PT.2) Use this link instead.

Getting ready to build 2 Shruhti’s with SMR-4 MKII boards and did my best to get all of it in one order. This BOM has all parts for 2 Shruthi’s (Filter & Digital Control), except the knobs, nuts & washers (which I already have from a previous Digikey order so you can add them if need be), 8 Pin Female Headers, Audio Jacks, ATMega644p & EEPROM (there is 1 EEPROM on the order, but that was for me to add to an older Shruthi to get more patch space). The knobs & Audio Jacks I get from Mouser and the 8 Pin Female Headers can be found on ebay for a handful pretty cheap. Every part I referenced as either Analog Board, Digital Board or both (parts that are shared between the 2). Just import the xls into digikey.

Hi! Thank you! Are these boms complete of all components needed?


No they are not complete sets. They are based on missing parts If you ordered a kit from Mutable shop.

qp, do you authorize me to use this file and put this on the MI wikibara?

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EDIT: I made the change to the wiki to download the file directly. When I preview it before I save, it’s all good, but once I save it reverts back to the link to the forum topic. hmmm. Is there a delay in changes?

no, but for your first entry on the wiki, you might have to enter a captcha… maybe you didn’t notice that.

ahh, that may be it. I didn’t see that. Thanks

Actually, it’s not possible to upload an xls file on the wiki. Probably for security purposes… Do we have an alternative way of uploading this set of BOMs directly on the wiki server?

I added a direct link to the BOM that I have on DropBox. Just tested it and it downloads directly.

yes I’ve seen that, but I think it’s better if something we put on the wiki is directly accessible from mutable servers. Just in case your dropbox account gets suspended for whatever reason (think of megaupload), or something like that.

Agreed. I wanted to stay clear of places like megaupload and mediafire. It would be nice to have a file hosting section strictly for small sized items like xls, pdf, sysex, etc…

Guys, how about including a Tip for a capable WallWart in your BOMs - seems many have problems with that…

Good ideer. I just added a WallWart to the Wiki. I can add something to the BOM’s as well.

Its just because i never oder overseas a wall wart… :wink:

True. I guess it should be as dumbed down as possible. I was thinking how to factor in the fact that some of us are in places other than the EU. Do we want to link to multiple direct ordering sources for diferent parts of the world or a link to the Manufacturer’s product page of specific items? I should post this in the wiki thread…