Digikey BOM Missing Component Alternatives? Need help


I was about the order the necessary components from Digikey for my newly arrived

Shruth-1 Digital Control Board
4-Pole Mission filter board
Digital filter/FX board

but when I created a BOM and checked the status of stocks ; I realized that those components are not availabe due to several reasons

K224Z15Y5VE5TL2 CAP CER 0.22UF 25V RADIAL Part is obsolete, not recommended for new design
2N3906BU IC TRANS PNP SS GP 200MA TO-92 No delivery date available
RPER71H561K2P1A03B CAP CER 560PF 50V 10% RADIAL Backorders not allowed - please contact Digi-Key
1N5221BDO35 DIODE ZENER 2.4V 500MW DO-35 VA discontinued-please contact Digi-Key

May I ask your help/advice what to get as an altertanives from digikey ?

Thanks in advance

Get the 2N3906 from anywhere you can. I picked up a load on ebay cheap.

Same goes for the zener, they’re nothing special. Just make sure you get the same part.

you might want to test the pinning of different 2N3906, they differ sometimes.
but all those components should be easily available even from your next local electronics store.

None of those parts are fancy. There’s not much to worry about for replacements - except a 2.54mm lead spacing for caps!









I finally submitted my order to digikey after your suggestions for alternatives.

Thanks for your support

While I was ordering I created several public BOMs ( replacing non-available components with your suggested alternative ones ). I will post those in another forum topic. I belive this might be helpful for newbies like myself