Difficulty faking an Alpha Juno 'pwm string' with a prophet 08

Granted I’m super stupid, but after two hours of ‘programming’ I’m still having difficulty mimicking a slightly adjusted AJ ‘PWM string’ preset (no chorus) on the prophet 08… shouldn’t this be pretty easy?

Why should that be easy? The Alpha Juno has some pretty damn unique waveform options as well as a pretty distinct analogue chorus…

thanks for that, I was beginning to feel like a complete idiot…the ‘pwm strings’ have a light, bright and broad sound (chorus off) that I can’t seem to get. Especially the ‘bright’ part.

Google for and read an Alpha Juno manual. You’ll see they have sone rather unusual waveform options you’re unlikely to find anywhere else.

I have some serious synth hardware at my disposal. The only analog thing that comes close to some bizarro PWM stuff you can do with the old Alpha Junos/MKS-50 would be the saw/triangle-ish PWM on the Chroma Polaris, coupled with a lush external chorus.

If you want a Alpha juno sound, get a cheap A-juno1 or a MKS-50. It has this plasticky je ne sais quoi you really can’t get elsewhere.

Some VA synths like the Supernova II has PWM on most any waveforms since it’s easier to do in the digital domain. One of those can easily pull off certain of those typical Juno sounds in a pinch.

>Prophet 08

There’s your problem. You need a Prophet 6! :wink:

You can get most of the waveshapes of an Alpha Juno on a JX8P or JX3P with smart use of the crossmod and sync functions, but as mentioned above, the Alpha Juno motion is hard to replicate.

>There’s your problem. You need a Prophet 6! :wink:

The key to getting good sounds out of the 08 is the mod matrix. The P6 is a lot more limited than the 08 in terms of raw synth engine features, it just is easier to program.

The variable wave shape on the P6 is cool though, the FX help you achieve more tones too.

t2k I have read the manual in the past but it was at a time when I didn't know much about synths...I'll have to look at it again...jojjelito and audiohoarder
I was hoping to hear a comment from yous…I sold my mks-50 to get the prophet 08, dumb move. I have an Alpha Juno 2 presently (w/ non-functioning aftertouch…grrr) but wanted to use the prophet for live stuff. The only feature that I would really miss on the p08 is the ‘spread’ knob which gives me that sudden in-your-face mono to head spinning stereo dynamic, that I love and use all the time. Otherwise the AJ/mks-50 reigns supreme in my universe, for its rare combination of simplicity, power and stability. Though tempting, the Prophet 6 is out of my price range right now. Even if they make a module it seems like it would probably be around 2K, also I have been mostly disappointed by expensive stuff.
I agree about the mod matrix

Sound wise, the Prophet 6 blows every other modern analogue synth out of the water. And it DOES sound better than any Prophet 5. The modulation options are a bit more extensive than a vintage Pro 1 as well. I would not recommend it if I didn’t want to buy one. As far as a mod matrix, the poly mod section is a very good compromise. I like how it forces you to pick either the envelope or oscillator 2 or both and route it to one or more destinations.

Why don’t I own one? It is mono timbrel. I would buy a mono version or one with multitimbral support. As DSI/Sequential is prone to make iterative updates, in one or two years they will probably make something very similar to what I want now. It just takes patience. :slight_smile:

Back to the Alpha Juno string question. To get closer with your P08, I would recommend using a saw wave cross modded with a square wave where the square wave is hard synced to the saw’s pitch. If you can’t get strings from that, you will be able to get the “hoover” sound at least.

Reminds me, I hafta attempt a Hoover patch on the Polaris. Those ballsy VCOs and that ring-mod plus sync make for sonic heft.

If I layer that with an Ambika it’s hybrid bliss. Very vintage and modern tones at my fingertips. Now, add the Andy, or a big ole SQ-80 and the mix is out of room :wink:

I’ll try that hoover tip. How would you use a multitimbral prophet 6?

A poly synth like the P6 will let you record a string quartet in the stereo field with ease. However, if you want to add any other instrument, you then have to change patches and re-record. It is very easy to stay in sync these days, but it is still more time to spend on recording.

Not to mention that if you want to use it as a percussion section, and it would make a very nice Simmons replacement, you would be better off sampling it instead of just running a multitimbral drum patch. Which is unfortunate.

It really ins’t too big of a missing feature honestly. Maybe what irks me is that its architecture is built so that each voice sounds different already. Most people never touch the multitimbrality of their synths if it isn’t a work station. I think that I have been spoiled with the likes of my other multitimbral synths. Part of the reason why I own two JX8Ps is for easier recording. I don’t see spending 4k to get bitimbrality and 12 voices when I could get a Modal 002r for less. As well as save space. Seriously though, if Dave would throw one of those voices in a box with MIDI, I would probably pre-order. No CV necessary.

This kind of nit picking is just natural when you own too many synths, haha. :wink: Let me know how that advice works for you.

I forgot that there is no cross mod on the prophet 08…
But somehow I’m getting much closer today… don’t know why / what I was missing, but it’s just working:
osc1:saw osc2: pulse (1/3 of the way up) and an octave down…
On second look, the AJ2 patch is ‘PWM brass’ not strings (Duh!)…and I did have the chorus on so maybe that was part of my earlier troubles (or maybe 3AM was just too darn late to be doing any responsible knob twiddling). Noticed that the ‘Noise’ also adds a very different character on the two. Rad that the AJ can sound so big with just one oscillator…I wish someone would do a SMT remake in a tiny box.

Also interesting about the recording time…didn’t think of it in those very practical terms. Still, I do a lot with big ol’ long release times, so I like having as many voices available at a time…

Yeah, for a Brass patch you will want saw waves usually. Unfortunate that there is no cross mod, but you may not need it if the patch on the AJ2 didn’t use the exotic waveshapes. Try different combinations of the saw waves with a hardsync on one of them. You need to use the hardsync to emulate having only one oscillator.

The Roland Chorus does impart a character to any sound it is on. If it is a major part of the patch, you will need to get something similar.

However, it seems like you may be able to use a subtle bit of PWM to emulate an underlying chorus. You can try routing oscillator 2 to a VCA for a little bit of ringmod or the filter cutoff if you need that extra waveshaping.

@ audiohoarder
thanks! I was wondering about the hard sync aspect. I’m looking for a super bass station right now after your last great idea about a decent chorus. The behringer bch100 is fine for now but just recently I notice something really strange with the panning, which as I mentioned I use as a dynamic with the P08 all the time; it seems to put the voices that are panned hard left on the P08 (and my mixer) in more of a 1/2 left position, detracting from the spread…wondering if that comes from using it on the send or if that is just the pedal itself. The PWM tip to get a kind of chorus is exactly how I set it up…works fine! About your JX8Ps…doesn’t that equal an mks70?

Nice to know I had some good advice. :slight_smile: I am sure you can get close enough to the sound, but the P08 is not a replacement for anything “vintage”.

I don’t own a BCH100, but you can put the stereo outs into two separate mono ins on your mixer then pan them further left or right for more spread.

As far as Two JX8Ps equaling an mks70, maybe. I know that most JX10s will not respond to SYSEX. I think that early mks70s have the same issue. I just skipped that noise all together by finding cheap JX8Ps totaling less than 400 USD. An advantage to this is that the both sound different even when playing the same patch since one is an early revision, and one is a later revision. You can tell which is which by what AC adapter cord they use.

crazy, those things are battle ship sized on the scale of a dss1, great price though…cool about the different sound.

I didn’t expect the two 8Ps to sound different when I bought them, but they just do.

>battle ship sized on the scale of a dss1

I have two of those as well. And a DSM1. The Rolands can be literally anywhere thanks to the fantastic MIDI though. So they tend to sit by the wall. That also includes my “hands on” Juno 106.

Oh hey, a double post… How fitting?

LOL…wish korg would redo the synth part of the dsm / dss1 in a tiny box… sure love tiny boxes