Different components

Hi everyone, I’m currently assembling a midnight edition Shruthi. I was wondering what differences would there be if I used mica capacitors instead of syroflex and polyester capacitors on C11 and C12 (my local components store doesn’t have polystyrene and film capacitors that fit between the resistors and the trimmers). Thank you

You want to have the tightest tolerances and minimum thermal drift here (oh, and minimum or at least synchronous aging…) as these Caps determine the accuracy of the Filter Poles. Mismatching Poles lead to muddy sludgy filtering……

I see, however I think I’'ll stick to the ones that I have (BTW, I realized I have polypropylene capacitors, not mica ones), at least for now. I’d have to spend a lot of money to buy thw “right” ones, so I’ll try the ones that I have for now.

If you can measure the caps, try to use 2 that match best.