Differences between Shelves MK 1 and MK 2?

I just bought a new Shelves MK1 for quite a bargain price, I am now wondering what the differences are between the 2 revisions, I can’t find them anywhere…
The modules is (shoudl) be all analog so no differences in the firmware, right?

The Mk.2 version incorporates the Mk.1 expander module, which was sold separately, into a single module.

I think the Mk.2 module is functionally identical to the Mk.1 + expander.

great thanks!
you probebly mean this:

I had never seen such an expander and was wondering what the LP, HP and BP "jumpers"on the back were. Looks quite easy to connect some Jacks to and external panel, thanks!

I had the MkI version before switching to the MkII; they sound identical, and are both fully analog so there is no “firmware” to speak of (to my knowledge); the expander is very easy to install. The only additional “difference” is that MkII is slightly fewer HP than the MkI + expander, which was why I ended up switching to a MkII. A fantastic, possibly under-appreciated module – enjoy it!

very good to know, thanks
I thought there were more differences…

Shelves makes everything going through it sound gorgeous. Just saying, as the Americans say.

Hello, I’ve been considering Shelves for a while now, and I am curious about the “Individual Outputs” (the filters). The manual says:

Individual outputs for the parametric sections’ filters. Behind the scenes, Shelves’ parametric sections are full-blown multimode filters. The low-pass (LP), band-pass (BP), and high-pass (HP) outputs of these two filters are provided on these two groups of jacks.

I assume that the Q knob adjusts the slope of the cutoff e.g. -12, -24 etc., is that correct? And does Gain essentially function as a resonance control?

When it comes to those individual outputs, Q adjusts the resonance, GAIN does nothing.

Good to know, thanks. What is the slope of the cutoff?


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