Differences between mk1 and mk2?

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I have a question about these two models, but as I already wrote there, I will just post the link here :slight_smile:

THanks a lot for the help and once again sorry for the repetition.

The core of the filter is the same. The mkII uses less part and requires less manual adjustments.

You wouldn’t notice the difference in a double blind test but the mkII Builds much better.

I thought I had the MK2 until I looked at mine the other day.

The MK2 is easier to add the mods right?

Yes, the mods are easier to add. Oh and the mkII has this fix for the “resonance tone through VCA bleed” problem - on the mkI it needs a bit of hacking to get it…

…although it only needs a 1 megohm resistor that costs a few pence :wink:


Looking at the PCB on the store, it doesn’t mention if the SMR4 PCB for sale is MK1 or MK2. I’m guessing it will be the MK2 but the picture shows the MK1 still. Mind you, I’d be more likely to build another 4PM or a Dual SVF (and possibly mod it).

Mmm, I´m sorry but all that is still a bit of an extraterrestrial language to me.
I was looking for a synth and I have found a shruthi for sell. I have listened in youtube and the sound was awesome, the look is cool, then I read a bit of its history and it is exciting, so, I want it :slight_smile:
It is selling quite cheaper than the ones here.
But it is a MK1.
Should I better say no, and buy a 4 pole (damn, too expensive, no way now) or a mk2? He told me "the mk1 is better, it sounds better, and it is no more available.
I would like to understand what advantages and disadvantages may I have with the mk1 over the mk2.


But thanks to everybody for the comments!

If its build and tuned there are no advantages.

well you can always learn how to solder and build your own from a kit. that’s the cheapest solution!


They sound the same. The mkII is easier to build and it doesn’t require complicated adjustments to make it sound right. Which also means that with a mkI unit there’s a significant chance that the guy did not properly take the time to adjust it - so it won’t sound optimally.

The mkII is easier to mod to add extra features (bandpass mode), but since you’re building an assembled unit you’re not into the DIY business anyway, so you don’t care…

> Should I better say no

Maybe, because it’s obvious to me the guy is trying to oversell his stuff by saying the mkI is better and making it look “vintage”, so there’s a chance he might be bullshitting you on other points.

This was good info. I also had the impression that they sounded little bit different. I got that by reading this forum, not by comparing. Though i don’t remember anymore which thread it was -or official description of the newer version, but somewhere was said that it sounds smooth, very close to the roland filters.

And if that was not said from mkI filter, it might be the reason why some ppl. think they sound different.

I now have both, so i can do comparison. So far i have not, at least not blind tests… But i am just happy if they sound very (or exactly) similar because it makes polychained Shuthi-1’s sound more compact.

I think we will have to look it this way: the newer MK2 sets the Standard since the Filter is Preset in Reso, DC and LOWWW by the Master of modern Filterdesign itself to his favorite Sweet Spot. The MK1 has the same Filter Core and VCA so he can sound exactly like the MK2 and is supposed to do so.
Every deviation from the MK2 sound is simply mistuning.

My MKis are about 6 months old now and they are starting to get that antique vintage sound to them. You can almost see the cobwebs and moss on the waveforms.

I could have sold you some preaged Caps - i use the Solera Principle to have them evenly aged, so they are a bit more expensive then normal aged ones…

Yes same for guitar pickups. They must be soaked in urine and left in the sun. Then they’re vintage and can be sold on eBay.

i have some of those too, i only touch them with tweezers though, except for very few moments when i’m too excited about some old features

It is widely known that the electrons in old PCBs are older than the electrons in new PCBs. And if you want vintage tone, you have to go for old electrons.

I keep trying to explain the value of old electrons to my wife.

Are old electrons rounder, too?

The old PCB traces were hand drawn in some cases and the smoother rounded traces don’t shake the electrons as much on the corners.