Difference in sound between 2 and 4 pole

I just put a switch in to allow me to choose between 2-pole and 4-pole filters. I was wondering if there would be much of a difference in sound between the two in the same patch. I suppose I’m wondering if the switch actually works. All I can hear so far with the standard patches is a large difference in volume, the 4-pole is much louder.

Is there an easy way to tell if the switch is actually working?



There are a bunch of percussion patches around the 120 mark that do not produce any sound when in 2-pole mode but seem to sound fine in 4-pole mode so I suppose it works.


Using the term 2 and 4 pole confused me at first. If you think of it as 12dB and 24dB then it sounds more user friendly :slight_smile:

I used the terms that are printed on the PCB, but I tend to use 2-pole and 4-pole more often than 12db or 24db.

This is a good explanation, if not a bit technical:


I’m still not sure why there is such a bit difference in volume 'though.


Every synth I’ve owned has used 12/24db :slight_smile:

Then you haven’t owned this one :smiley:

Alesis uses the “pole” terms, Oberheim uses both. I’m okay with either, but can anyone answer my original question? Or is the answer obvious and it’s a dumb question?


Oh, the Miniworks has Oscillators? Ill go and check… :wink:

well the difference is in the sound. 2pole sounds more weak, and dirty, 4 pole sounds fat. i can’t say if there’s a huge difference in volume, i can’t even remember if i’ve tried it.