Did i mess up my plaits when updating firmware?

Hi, I’ve been using my plaits for about 2 years. I tried updating with the recent alternative firmware. When doing so, I plugged in from one laptop and kept getting the red flashing lights indicating it wasn’t working. So I tried downloading to a different laptop and it looked like it was working. I plugged a patch cable into my laptop output, then played the sound file using VLC. And plaits seemed to like it. 2 green LEDS lit. Immediately after it finished, VLC looped the sound file and started again. I hit stop a few seconds later. I shut down then turned my rack back on. I know updating firmware causes you to lose old settings. I noticed my plaits sounded less responsive and maybe more 8bit sounding? So I decided to reflash the 1.1 firmware. However, doing so (successfuly), it still seems like my Plaits is less responsive, more 8bit, not beautiful tones. I’ve uploaded a video. Any feedback on what to do next?


Hi - I’m guessing this was my alt firmware? Sorry to hear this - I can try to see if I can reproduce. Can you let me know which variant of the alt firmware you were trying - the aux crossfade or the octave switching? The video - is that from when you were running the 1.1 firmware or the alt firmware?

Hello, yes, I added the octave switching, noticed the issue, then tried reinstalling the original 1.1 firmware but didn’t detect a difference. The video is from after i reinstalled 1.1
edit: it seems like some modes work fine and others do not?

I don’t see any problem in your video.

A failed firmware will cause the module to not power on.

It is extremely unlikely (as in, being struck by lightning and bitten by a shark at the same time), that random data corruption would cause a module to operate normally but more 8-bit sounding, and less responsive. It’s not like the firmware contains bits of code that make it perform poorly and that can be activated by just the flip of a bit!


Are you sure that following the update, the module is not operating a few octaves lower (or upper) than before? Causing some modes to sound unusually harsh or spectrally “busy”…

I’ve received a significant number of Plaits for repair that had just that - the octave setting set too low or too high…

Thanks for the tip, I think you may be right. So I’m ‘getting more functionality back’ now that I’ve set the octave mode higher. I’m still getting an overly (to my ears) digital 8bit type sound to some modes, so my guess is that I’ve had a particular set of parameters dialed in for a long time and I’ll have to try to get back to those settings. I’ve been pressing either button at top, holding in, and changing the knobs and perhaps i can get it back. Is it possible to not reset the parameters when flashing firmware?

The parameters affect the LPG, so they don’t affect the character of the sound when nothing is patched in the LEVEL or TRIG inputs. I don’t think any parameter of the module could be wrongly set to cause a “digital 8-bit” sound. Maybe posting a proper recording (to an audio interface) would help me identify the issue?

The firmware updates published by Mutable Instruments never alter the saved parameters or calibration data – unless you start installing third party firmware. The firmware I release can’t simply be made aware of any other firmware update out there, that could potentially be storing the settings or calibration data differently.

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Hi, thanks so much for your help and explanations. Okay, i think i’m okay now. Here’s a guess about what I think happened. I’ve now tried reflashing both firmwares at different times and done some tests. I think @pichenettes you were correct that my octave was set really off, perhaps way too low. I’m not 100% sure but i think that may have been the case.

The alternative firmware makes my module mostly not work correctly. I had thought it would only change the way the frequency knob works to allow me to have different functionality on setting octaves, but it causes most of the other parameters to not work the way i expected, and to be quite quiet and some modes even seemingly non-functional and have some kind of 8bit sound (apologies, i have trouble describing this, but sounds like circuit bent stuff gone wrong).

I re-flashed the regular 1.1 firmware, and i think i’m okay now. Appreciate your help Emiliie. and lylem, i don’t know what i’m doing wrong but thanks for the offer to help. cheers all.

Glad you’re okay now, sorry for the trouble. I’m going to A/B test two of my Plaits tomorrow with the firmwares just in case I can reproduce a difference in sound between the two.