Did I get the correct diodes?


I finally got a hold of enough parts to start building my Anushri. Can’t wait to finish it!
I puzzled by some diodes that differ between the BOM and the building instructions.

According to the BOM, I should order these for D3, D4 (which I did): http://dk.mouser.com/ProductDetail/NXP-Semiconductors/BZX79-B3V6113/?qs=sGAEpiMZZMstCHp3EWKGl6Up43CiGFyufvKqwaA4zks%3D
But according to the building instructions, I should have ordered this: http://dk.mouser.com/ProductDetail/NXP-Semiconductors/BZX79-B3V6133/?qs=sGAEpiMZZMstCHp3EWKGl6Up43CiGFyuiVfNROL2ujA%3D

Am I good to go, using the ones I ordered?

Thanks in advance!

The BOM mentions Mouser part 771-BZX79-B3V6113 ; not sure where you have found the other references (I don’t see it in the build instructions). Anyway, these are the same part in different packaging, so I’m not sure where is the problem.

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This is from the building instructions: 2x 3.6V Zener (1N5227B or BZX79 C3V6) at positions D3 and D4.

Well, then I don’t see a problem either. It’s just hard for a newbie to know whether a small difference is enough to cause a problem.
Thanks for helping out, pichenettes.

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By the way, right now, the remaining parts for my Anushri are at a freight central in Germany, 500km from here. I’ll be done assembling the day it arrives, so it’s frustrating to know that if I had not chosen the “green transport” (CO2 friendly) option (which got further delayed), I would have all the parts now.

The interesting part comes when it’s all assembled. I’m kinda hoping it won’t work at first try so I’ll learn a bit from the troubleshooting. But I won’t plant mistakes on purpose ;o)

I’ll have access to a nice studio on Saturday. It’s full of really good, expensive monitors, pre-amps, compressors and such, so I’m planning to bring my two MI babies and see how far I can get in an evening, surrounded by good gear. I will have no excuse for making anything bad! :wink:

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I just found another possible little mismatch between the BOM and the building instructions.
The BOM says that I need 2 SPDT and 2 DPDT switches. But the building instructions say: “Add the 2x SPDT and 2x SPST switches.”

Does anyone know what is actually needed?

Shouldn’t be a problem, just a difference in wiring really (google :))

Alright. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hmm, are you sure? According to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Switch , DPDT (which I ordered) is “Equivalent to two SPDT switches controlled by a single mechanism.” and SPST a simple on/off switch.
I’m guessing that I ordered the right one… but I’ll send an e-mail to MI, just in case. Maybe they’ll make a change in the building instructions for future newbie builders.

The BOM was correct and it been corrected on the website.