Did I brick it? [Fixed]


I was updating my firmware on osx with the c6 and the application beachballed right at the first 20% of the process. Now when I try to boot, it is a blank screen. I can get into the bootloader with the four lit LEDs, but it doesnt seem to be responding to another go at updating. Should I just order another atmel? I dont have any other way to flash a chip.

Shruthi is not brickable - the bootloader cannot overwrite itself. Make sure that c6 hasn’t switched to another MIDI port or something after the crash.

Aha! That was it! Was sending to the wrong port. Panic clouded my reason, thanks @pichenettes!

>> Shruthi is not brickable – the bootloader cannot overwrite itself.

I don’t know exactly what you mean by ‘not brickable’, but here’s what happened with mine:

I tried to update the firmware (0.97 with the LFO sine wave), and the process stopped in the middle of the update, after the 3rd LED had lit up continuously.

After that there was no way to boot the Shruthi: after power up all I got was a blank screen, as herrprof described.

I started sweating heavily since the only thing I could do was to power up with S6 and to try to reload the OS.
Fortunately that reloading was successful after I increased the delay between buffers in MidiOx, otherwise my Shruthi would have become useless…

By ‘not brickable’ I mean it’s impossible to put it in a state that couldn’t be recovered by retrying a MIDI update with the right settings.

Whatever you do, the bootloader section that stores the MIDI upgrade code cannot be destroyed.

Ok, now I understand. I thought it meant that the sysex file is stored in RAM while being received, and that the real update of the OS in flash memory starts only when the whole file has been received and checked, so that in case something goes wrong during the transmission the current OS is still working.

With 2k of RAM, that wouldn’t be possible :confused:

…. or you would only have one square oscillator and an envelope :wink: