Dials tripping out

Hi there,

Been using my shruthi for a few months now with no problems, but recently, when i turn the dials, especially the 4th, the controls do not work as they should, but instead seem to just randomly change parameters and the screen becomes a bit of a blur. Output etc still works, but it is pretty glitchy as you would expect from this happening.

I can make a video if that will help.

Are you using the same power supply as before?

Could be that the MCU is loose in its socket.

Or just a damaged potentiometer.

Don’t mean to hijack your thread, but I’m having almost exactly the same issue! Finished my shruthi a few months ago, and only recently when I go to scroll through patches, Shruthi jumps to a random parameter and changes it to a random value with each click of the encoder, and really freaks out when I turn the 4th pot. Anyone else know how to deal with this? Tried making sure the ATmega was secure in its socket, which only seemed to move the problem to different potentiometers.

It could be a bad solder joint on the ATMega. When something weird happen just by touching a knob, it’s usually because the extra mechanical stress make or break a weak connection/solder joint.

Did you accidentally switch the user Interface to the XT or the programmer version? Try switching the synth on with the encoder pressed

Yes @TheSlowGrowth, that was it! Thank you! And thanks pichenettes!

Glad to hear it worked! I’ve seen many oft those problems here on the forums. Maybe the firmware should be changed so that those accidents can’t happen so easily.
And yea, it happened to me as well…

You have to power the synth on with the encoder pressed, so it’s not exactly something that can happen by accident. I think the culprit is that an earlier firmware version, powering the synth on with the encoder pressed did something else, and there are still forum posts talking about this old thing…

Looks like that was my issue too! Thanks a lot chaps.

“so it’s not exactly something that can happen by accident.”

Well, I think not. During assembly or troubleshooting a Shruthi might be powered up face-down. The encoder is the highest element and can easily be pushed without noticing.
Or: A bad solder joint or a loose cable in the PSU can make the synth reboot while operating it.
Or: A bad connection between control board and filter board can cause a drop-out because of the force applied when pushing the encoder

I guess you know all those issues better than me… I haven’t been around here for a long time and have read relatively few troubleshootign threads - yet I have seen many that showed this exact issue. Maybe I’m biased here…

Why not simply show a screen: “press encoder to confirm the change” or something similar?