Desktop stands for the Shruthi

Attention anyone with physical product design skills: something very similar to this for the Shruthi (and Ambika, Anushri etc) would be fab. Ideally as SVG vector files released under an open-source license so we can each have them made in acrylic or wood of our choice at Ponoko or similar.

oh, that’s a good idea… The veneer at Ponoko would be nice for this and it’s a snap to finish

cool idea, and usefull ! will try to purpose something this weekend !

Want ! And one of the size of the LXR and MidiAlf…

I know his is much less elegant and of course not DIY, but I use these:

Ikea Link

They fit under a Rast for easy storage.

I used a really more easy way :smiley:

@Lamouette_rck: I like your green shruthi. Is this a custom build by Adrian or is this a green translucent foil on a white case?
I use these cheap (8,- Eur) iPad stands for my Shruthis and Anushri:

Similar idea, small easel stands.

@cj55 : Custom from adrian, i have also the Ambika case with the same color, but need to build some card for the ambika.


this is Andrea, from Cremacaffè design store.

I’m glad some of you found and liked our products, it is also very interesting to read feedbacks on that and see other people’s creative ideas! :slight_smile:
I have been following Mutable Instruments for a while already, as I am a synth lover and musician myself ( Not to spam around, but as I guess this can be of help to the topic, just yesterday we put online a new product “Hero” which is specifically designed for small devices; indeed Anushri and Shruthi are mentioned in the list of compatible devices on the product page.

Material: Plywood · Weight: 55 g
Dimensions: H 98 x W 150 x D 160 mm
Compatible devices dimensions:
Maximum height: 160 mm
Price: € 24,80 · Shipping Included

Feel free to check it out:
Any feedback, Welcome!

I ended up buying a Bräda from IKEA. Three Shruthi fit neatly on it. If you have right-angle power, MIDI and audio connectors, you could cut holes in it and fit a second row of Shruthi on it. Or attach a set of spacer (pillars) under an upper tier of Shruthi, so the cables from the lower tier can run under them - that’s what I plan to do, as shown below (but I haven’t fitted the spacers under the upper-row Shruthi yet. If necessary I will superglue a strip of wood across the top of the Bräda to stop the upper row from sliding down.

Haha, gotta love the Ikea names: Bräda=board or plank. Sometimes they call them like they see them. Good idea, I should go and score something…

I swear, Ikea makes some stuff that only makes sense for synthesizers…

Yes, in the photos above, the Bräda is shown on a Norden studio workbench, with a Trofast eurorack cabinet in the background.

Haha, their designers are become infiltrated :slight_smile: Trofast (faithful) Eurorack cabinet, what’s not to like?

Next, I wanna see them market the dining room table Praktarsle (really big a-hole) or some other innarestin’ name like the scissors Harakiri or the sofa bed Andnöd (Dyspnea, or simply Atemnot in German, translates straight across!).

Not to mention the excellent IKEA range of patch cord hangers:

Here is my little DIY stand.
It’s made out of a sheet of polystyrene. Heat it with a hot air gun and bend it to the desired angles.
And some black paint on top. :slight_smile:

This fits 6U perfectly, and a bräda underneath(sort of fits).

Also RE:patch cord hangers, those clothes hanger thingies you get for the back of your door(that go over the top of the door) work perfectly for larger 6.3mm cables :slight_smile:

This also fits 6U perfectly (at least the 6U version of this fits perfectly), if you don’t install the vertical dividers. It is about 190HP wide, though.

That’s like… Holy fuck long… O_O
190HP? Nah, who am I kidding, can’t even afford the rails needed for that…