Design files weirdness

I’ve been designing a case in Rhino. I used this file for the modelling:
But, now, when I’m almost done, I imported the other files, like the enclosure.svg and Nio101’s PDF, and it doesn’t add up at all!

I’m not sure if I’ve done something wrong in the process or if the sketchup-model is weird or maybe if there’s been some conversion/import-weirdness :stuck_out_tongue:

Has anyone else used Nio101’s sketchup model? Or what are you guys using for modelling?

I could just prototype some, but I have limited time in the workshop tomorrow and it would be nice if anyone has any tips/experience/help to offer tonight! :smiley:

Edit: I don’t have any good measuring tools with me where I am atm. so I can’t measure my Shruthi with any accuracy…

Edit2: Images…

I noticed the same thing. So much so that I redid the layout based on the PCB and not the design files

I had the same issue, I have some cad drawings of various parts of the shruthi that I can give you. I have the top finished, I can get you the rear panel in a few days when I finish my newest case design. The sketchup unfortunately is not a reliable source for the placement of parts. It is good for the general size of the box but other than that, its not very accurate.

This File has the correct measurements. Its derived from the original LaserCut Files.

Ah nice n8bit!
So… Can I has?

fcd72: ok… that’s the same as enclosure.svg, thanks though…

I’d really appriciate if anyone has any detailed info on where the LED’s are placed too… =P

I’ll make my model avalible in several formats once I’m done with it.

OK, heres the TOpPanel with LEDs, you need to change the .syx extension to .svg - i tricked the uploadwatchdog :wink:

Ah, nice! thanks…
I just lasered my own design, based off Nio’s Sketchup-model, and it aligned up perfectly!
I cut the enclosure.svg aswell, and it’s not as good. The sidepanel with the outputs and stuff is really off…

Weirdness indeed…

So, now I can proceed with the actual 3D-model that will be cnc’ed in oak :slight_smile:

Hmm… here everything cuts fine. Maybe your software doesnt import .svgs as it should?

Could be… I’m just happy it worked with the model I already spent time on :slight_smile:

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