Design a small Eurorack modular that mimics the Mopho SE

Modular Grid is kinda fun but kinda frustrating at the same time. I think I have put together my “ideal” modular but since I have no idea what I’m doing I really don’t know if it’s any good. I may be losing my nerve about building a TTSH so my son and I are looking at some options, and one of those is a Mopho SE. But, rather than just buy one, I was wondering what it would cost to design a system that duplicated the functionality of the Mopho SE. I’m fairly sure the modular would be sunstantially more powerful and probably more expensive but, does anyone want to take a shot at it on Modular Grid? The one piece I’m not sure of are the sub-oscillators particularly.

I am open to DIY or kit solutions too.

You need 2 VCO’s, 1 Sub Osc, 1 4-Pole VCF, 3 Envelopes, 4 LFO’s, 1 Noise Source, 1 VCA, 1 Multi and attenuators. Plus a MIDIpal or MIDIalf for the arp/sequencing. There’s nothing special about the mopho, other than the mod matrix, but with a modular, you get that and a lot more. Personally, I felt the filter was always lacking for mono. It works better as a poly.

The usual stuff I’m comfortable with but what would I use for a Sub Osc? Do I need another oscillator just for that?

This is a nice sub osc. It has 4 independent octave downs.

This is a super nice filter. Way better than the mopho. Of course, Frank has the 3 LFO module too. :slight_smile:

Thanks @qp. Ripples is on my list, but it never clued in what a frequency divider was used for. Doh!

Yeah, that was a realization that made me go “OH. Duh. Math!” awhile back. Also, I haven’t played with one, but if I weren’t building a set of modules with overlapping uses, I personally think the Make Noise STO looks interesting and has a built in switchable sub osc.

I’d say it would cost too much for a much less satisfying experience than playing with the Mopho. First, you’ll need many attenuators and mixers to replicate the mod matrix. For LFOs/Envelopes/Sequencing, you’ll probably need Frank’s red/green/blue modules because they can do multiple channels and are slim. Otherwise you’ll be left with 1 or 2 rows just with modulations.

The point of going modular is to have architectures and building blocks which do not exist in the subtractive synth world. So maybe you could start your system with just one thing that your existing synths cannot do - say a weird oscillator (digital like Braids, Hertz Donuts ; analog like DPO, STO, Rubicon), a weird sound transformation (low pass gate, wavefolder) ; and rely on the external CV output of your existing gear to tickle them.

Olivier, that was the conclusion I had reached before starting this thread but I figured, since I’m so green at this, maybe others with more experience might come to a different conclusion.

Thanks everyone.