Derivative WebAudio site design questions

Hello everyone!

I compiled Plaits’ engines for the web and made a demo showcasing them.

I decided to post here because before making the link public I would like to make sure my usage of the design elements is appropriate. Namely I used the original Plaits logo, and also icons and UI colours. I looked around the forum but didn’t find answers regarding these details, I also used the contact form on the Mutable site which probably wasn’t the best call since that inbox is probably overloaded and I never got an answer.

Any input would be appreciated ~ I of course I’m happy with using those visual hints ~ but if have no problem changing them if the violate the licensing in some way. (Credit is given in the readme of the demo and licenses are distributed with the published package).



Hmm no, this is not how I run Mutable Instruments.

When did you send the message? I don’t see it in FormSpree’s submissions.

You’re not violating the licensing in any way, even though the game of finding close synonyms to the original module names is, to my taste, a little cringy :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick reply @pichenettes !

I sent it last week, Thursday morning.

oh I see… I saw it as a nod to the original, I don’t mind finding another name, I dind’t put too much thought on it :sweat_smile:

This is annoying, I can’t find it…

I used the “I did not find any relevant category in this list” option in the topic if that helps.

UPDATE: I changed the name to Woscillators in the end.

here’s the link for anyone insterested:



I had a little play with it earlier (googled it out of curiosity before you posted the link). Really cool to have Plaits working directly in the browser, and I think it looks rather beautiful as well! I even got it working on my Android phone by checking the “Desktop site” box in the Chrome app.

Of course, because it was so much fun, it made me whish I had a whole bunch of LFOs or other modulation sources for more than one parameter at once, but I suspect that would go way beyond its intention as a demo. :slightly_smiling_face:

(A possible bug I’ve noticed is that after you’ve used the LFO as a trigger and then set it to something else again (or turned it off), the sound stops instead of returning to the continuous, non-VCA’ed stream.)

thanks @Robrecht!

Indeed this was intended as just a demo, I submitted a PR to a more ambitious web modular project here which was the original purpose of the npm package in the first place. I implemented an oscillator type there, played around while developing and you can indeed have the kind of fun you are asking for, it’s not been merged just yet.

oops! I’ll have a look when I have a minute! thanks for pointing that out!

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Is it very CPU intensive? Sometimes when switching models i get a very bitcrushed sound - as if some samples in the buffer are not computed and are still set to previously rendered ones?

It shouldn’t be that intensive, is this happening every time for certain models? It’s more likely something I messed up on my c++ wrapper :thinking:

Regarding previous buffer, I think that shouldn’t be the case since my implementation is based on VCVRack’s, which uses a separate buffer for each model.

What I do is this:

  • Change model to Bass Drum
  • Change LFO destination to Trigger
  • Click on “sound” icon

What I hear sounds bit-crushed or has un-rendered samples.

Then I change the LFO destination to OFF, change the model to Speech, and I don’t hear anything.

yes, this was a minor bug, I just pushed the fix and it’s working as expected, forgot to reset the trigger… cc / @Robrecht

I’m a bit more concerned with the distorted signal, I had a first implementation with separate voices that worked fine so I probably messed something up when bringing in the voice manager… I will have a deeper look.

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Looks cool! But it does not seem to emit any sounds for me (Latest Firefox on MacOS Catalina
Also there’s something wonky with some of the icons, did you modify them?


I didn’t modify the icons, it’s a direct export from the illustrator file, perhaps they got out of shape when setting a smaller size? I did make my own for square LFO which is definitely wonky :laughing:

As for firefox, I didn’t take the time to make it work (hence the note at the beginning of the readme file) I’d gladly have a quick check however I’m addressing what @pichenettes pointed out regarding some of the voices being distorted, which they are, I would like to get this working properly first.

Ah i am glad you could reproduce the bug, it would have been a shame if my workstation was too old for that… ridiculed by a 72MHz cortex M!


no, its a problem with my code, I have some buffer size’s miss match, I’ll try to fix it asap, it’s embarrassing I didn’t realise it before sharing the link haha

Hi all! Oscillators have been fixed, for everyone to enjoy :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: here’s the link again:

thanks for your feedback and patience, @Papernoise firefox comes next, sorry, the disclaimer said chrome only, but I will try to make it work with firefox, I updated the designes though, so sliders are looking better on firefox now, not sure how to approach the icons issue, I opened the asset and magnified it and it seems ok to me, these are svgs so it should scale smoothly, if this bothers you I can spend some time to make those look good.


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Funny, the icons look fine to me (in Chrome), they scale smoothly like vector graphics ought to. Only the Plaits icon in the top left corner seems to be a bitmap, but it looks fine zoomed out.

If I zoom way in, I do notice a slight asymmetry in some of the vector icons that isn’t in the original .ai file.


The particle model icon has eggs or pebbles instead of circles. :grinning:

The Waveshaping icon has a varying line weight.

To be honest, though, I wouldn’t have noticed it if @Papernoise hadn’t mentioned it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Also, it sounds great now! I heard those distortions when I first played around with it but I just figured my phone couldn’t keep up. I’ll definitely spend a few work breaks tinkering with the different models when I’m not around my modular. :wink:

Yeah the Plaits logo is from the website, and its pixel, the icons I might have messed up the sizes and made them ovaloids hahaha I will have a look, thanks for the insights!

haha nice! I have you now in the back on my head asking for more LFOs every time I’m playing around with it :see_no_evil:

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Sorry hadn’t seen the disclaimer (maybe because of the dark grey). I was a bit in a rush though.

Well I made those icons, so I have a different “eye” for it :slight_smile: