Der Oto -> Shruthi-1 SMR-4!

I just wanted to see what it sounded like…! I have Der Oto’s sequencer running and a simple MIDI pattern being played to transpose the sequencer steps. The oscillators are off on the Shruthi so all you hear from it is the luscious SMR-4 filter goodness.


The filer of the Biscuit is quite nice, but it lacks the full resonance rage you have on the SMR, so I think this makes total sense. Sounds good btw.
Have you tried using the step filter on the Shruthi to control the filter? Could be interesting to hear how it works, must try that as well…

Yes! I was doing everything manually on the Shruthi… Must explore more modulation!

It sounds quite nice :slight_smile: But… The cool thing about the Biscuit for me, is that its stereo. It gives you a really nicely ripped and wide sound. Which of course is gone as soon as you put it through the mono input of a Shruthi.
You got multiple Shruthi’s with the same SMR 4 filter, right? I bet it would sound quite a bit better if you routed it through a pair of polychained Shruthi’s, so you keep the stereo effect.
I’ve not tried this because all my Shruthi’s have different filters. Although perhaps that in itself would make it interesting?!
I hadn’t really thought to try it actually, as the filter on the Biscuit is so nice already (I think). Might also be fun the other way around?? 2 X Shruthi into Biscuit…

@Luap That’s a great idea! It was a bummer reducing everything to mono, although it is sometimes preferable for bass. I will definitely try that tomorrow!

I really like the biscuit’s filter in Der Oto synth mode but find it less appealing in Biscuit mode… Unfortunately, the audio inputs are disabled in Der Oto mode. Anyway, the track I posted a couple of days ago in the hijacked resistors thread featured a Shruthi through a Biscuit on it, although not specifically for filtering. Listen to the middle part and you will recognize a Shruthi preset (being hacked to death).

I don’t think the filter can sound different in the two modes, since it’s an analogue one (so it’s basically hardware), or am I wrong?

^ Yes, it’s the same multimode analogue filter either way. It doesn’t sound any different. I guess he meant that he prefers the character for use as a synth, rather than when in Biscuit mode.

Yep, that’s what I meant. There’s so much crushing and noisy shit going on in Biscuit mode, I just find the Q almost useless sometimes. I mean I would never want it without the filter, I just don’t find it as important to what is going on. But in Der Oto mode, the filter sounds really awesome to me, unlike any of the other synths/FX that I own.

Anyway, here’s another track to listen to. I’m using two Shruthi-1s with SMR-4 filters and the Oto. When the Oto is in Der Oto mode, each output channel goes to a separate Shruthi-1 with the oscillators turned off so just the SMR-4 is active. When the Shruthis are engaged, each one goes to a separate input channel on the Oto in Biscuit mode which, naturally, crushes the shit out of the sound completely (in a good way if you ask me).


Oh I understand!
Well I must say I love both the Biscuit and Der OTO, but I agree they are very different!
heard your new track! You know I really like the fact that you are experimenting with the lil’boxes like this, makes me want to do some on my own… and the tracks are even great sounding musically! Not just tests…

@rumplefilter Thank you! I’m glad you’re enjoying and I’m looking forward to hearing your experiments. Make sure you post them here or email me or something…

FWIW, I am motived by a guy who goes by the name of Blood Sample on GearSlutz and is on YouTube here. He has great taste in gear and, consequently, a great collection of gear, and he has the guts to post his impromptu musical experiments on YouTube so we can follow along. I like that concept. It keeps things fresh, it keeps me working on new stuff all the time and it seems to keep me from grinding on the same thing which ultimately leads to blocks and long periods of nothing and general unhappiness all around.

So I’m trying it out. Posting little bits of nonsense and noise and perhaps every once in a while an experiment will lead to something that looks like a complete song.

It also helps my brain to make Mutable Instruments on a regular basis so I have on order a Sidekick, a Digital filter board and a Dual SVF board to keep me busy… :wink:

@Titus Raindrops: yes I will! I also really like the concept, so I might take inspiration from it…

I adjusted the mix a little to make it slightly less noisy and allow the individual parts to stand out a bit better. I am always guilty of having too many layers… :-\\

Fresh Link

Last one for the day. I had something going here for a minute but destroyed it. The nasal bass thing is the bomb… that’s the Der Oto with some sort of snot modulation I have no idea how I did it (this is where an LCD would be nice). There is a Voyager in there too and also a Shruthi through the Biscuit which is providing the sound of crushing bones…

Short Clip

yeah the nasal bass sounds great! what is snot modulation btw?
great tracks! the stereo effects on the Snowcaps track are great!

Snot modulation: filtering something until it sounds like it is snorting from a nose filled with snot.

I think there is a preset in FabFilter Volcano 2 called “Snot Sisters” consisting of two band pass filters placed near vocal frequencies… Maybe I made that one? I can’t remember. Someone check.

BTW any FabFilter fans here?

@Titus Raindrops: hehe I was imagining something like that :slight_smile:
About FabFilter… I only have the micro, but I totally love it.

Go try the Saturn demo. It will blow your mind. The band crossover modulation is really unique (from what I have seen anyway). Stack them up and use them like guitar rig.

I’m biased. I love all of their stuff.

I think if I was going to spend a wedge of cash on plugins, I’d probably buy everything FabFilter have made. Their stuff looks lovely, and by all accounts, sounds fantastic, too.


And they start discounting their plugs as soon as you buy your fist one. You get the discounted offers in your user profile. Eventually you can save as much as 40%. They are cool people.