Depeche Modcan

Modcan’s 4 Operator Euro FM synth (polyphonic, obviously).

Listen to that DX7 action! Sounds like he took the “the crappy converters sound better” thing to heart. Sounds very gritty- and good.

Big old classic bell sounds:

Why do I have the feeling this will cost more than the 6 op, multi timbral, 8 voice TX802 I have right in my OTHER rack…

Yet I’ll still think about buying this. It really is a sickness this euro stuff…

Any muff link about this module?

For you? Why yes there is

Okay, thanks!

Wow… nice sound !

WOW. Modcan is like 5 minutes from my house. Between him and Kilpatrick Audio, there are some great modules coming out of Toronto.

Nice bells. I should start using my PreenFM more often…

Very nice, lovely grittyness.