Demo rig

I want to buy a simple set-up, easy to carry around, to demo the Shruthi. Light 37 or 49 keys keyboard, mixer, a pair of small active monitors, or a single, bigger, active monitor (if this even makes sense?). Any recommendations? Gear you had bad experience with?


By the way, I should say:

Keyboard - Behringer UMX25 (affordable, light and you can always count on it)
Mixer - do you have a pro soundcard? Usually they can operate in standalone (mixer mode) without being connected to a computer. Alternatively go for any mixer around, for your intention is not necessary high quality or big ones.
Speakers - KRK Rockit, good price, great sound… probably not that much easy to carry around the couple.

Budget: 200 euros. I have an Edirol FA-66, but I’d rather carry a cheap Behringer mixette.

In your Budget: Behringer Good for 2 Shruthis

Now Beat me, but call me Tiger :wink:

i dont have speakers in mine, but you can always do stuff ina suitcase

lots of good ideas here:

For the controller, I’d say find a old novation remote 49. I swear by mine and it runs on batteries. Action is good and you can program the crap out of it. Seeing that the shruthi is mono, I’d say one big active monitor will be better than two little ones. As far as mixers go, something simple and compact like : MacroMix , I stay away from Behringer, too many bad purchases (i.e. all TRS patchbays should be the same right? wrong, the ultrapatch “pro” is a POS, contacts started wearing out after 6 months)


i have an unused remote 48sl compact…the midi out timing is crap but its a fairly nice controler…

that behringer is 60% off today.

Do you need a keyboard controller with knobs?
Otherwise the Alesis Q25 seems like a nice one, compact but with full size keys, and has a standard midi connector.

I have a Q25, another good point is you don’t need to power it over USB like a lot of those miniature keyboards.