Delivery "held" by post office

I know my Shruthi was shipped Monday,
But still as of today, 6 days later, the tracking status still states:
Package held while contents are identified.
It has been turned over to our services.

Curious if anyone has ever encountered this…I suppose they are making sure its not dangerous or some such…
Not much I can do I suppose on the other side of the globe.
Hope they get all the bits back in the box.

I have seen it a dozen times - no incident so far.

Ok, thank you very much!
Especially for the prompt reply!

Yes I went through the same thing with my first kit. Relax. It will get there eventually…

When such a fabulous synth is on its way and stuck on someone’s desk?
How can I RELAX??![](?
Gimme gimme gimme)!

Yes relax. I speak from experience here. Thankfully Olivier has a seriously great sense of humor and a lot of patience and he put up with me while I was acting like a child waiting for a new toy. Yeah, it was that bad. Don’t do what I did. Don’t be that guy.

I won’t be,
I was just curious if it was seen before,
I was just joking,
I realize mail is dreadful, I buy all over,
It was just the first time I saw that type of message,
Oliver’s response was all I needed for reassurance.
Now…gimme gimme gimme :slight_smile:

Isn’t it funny how the Internet tracking stuff can contribute to your anxiety rather than relieving it? I mean if you see something out of the ordinary, like you just did (and like I did before you - mine said something about being lost in a snowstorm or something), it really freaks you out. It’s those moments when we would really use a little opacity and a little less information.

Edit: I know you were just joking. The French Postal System seems to be a little less exacting than the German postal system, for example, which routes things with amazing speed. But the packages get there eventually. I have recently received things from all over eastern Europe and Russia and I’m always amazed how quickly they sometimes arrive. And the weird paper they sometimes use… where was I?

But you both relieved any worries,
I’m sure everything will be fine.
I will be patient.

Thank you,

I have receive wednesday my wasp xt from fcd72, it was send on the start of may…
First feelling was to start it now, but i have to slowdown myself; exitation is not a good things for DIY
I have read all the post on this forum before starting my new adventure

haha lost in a snow storm. the german post are funny

Good luck Nicore

Yups, nicores Package was the slowest by now. But as i send all Parcels to be signed i never lost one - even if they take some slight detours (record is 7.000km) or look like the delivery boy has beaten an elephant Seal to death with it for self defense…

So you just have to be a patient - i know how hard it is i always eMail Reichelts support if my stuff doesn’t show up after 48hrs :wink:

It still states its held by post office,

But it just arrived! Not bad … 5 days, and one was canadian holiday too.
Go figure.
One last thing, please call my office and tell them I will be out sick the rest of the week :slight_smile:

Gosh! I just recovered from the experience of an SRX card being posted to “Schweben” so it sat at some Bundespost terminal doing nothing between the 16th and the 25th. Getting someone else’s tracking number seeing it getting delivered didn’t help either… Now I can rock out yet having to experience a bad transaction during more than a decade of evolbay :slight_smile:

French Postal Service: Scary
German Postal service: Anal Retentive
US Postal Service: Redefining mediocrity every single day

Funny though…I ordered something else from California same day…
reports are better…daily progress…but it states its in customs clearing in Toronto now…
bigger box I guess…worth $15 … go figure.
I will never understand postal service…but I think your analysis is correct.

I gotta say, the USPS has really gotten better over the years. The tracking is updated correctly. I have had just as good of luck getting and sending stuff via USPS as UPS. And it’s cheaper! Diggin’ the flat rate boxes.

It’s all good…as long as it eventually gets there.
Frustrating for us All I’m sure.
Worse is ordering lipo batteries, because they are dangerous goods, only some countries will process them and transport, I order them from China, they go via Swiss Air, usually 5-6 weeks min to Canada.

i’ve never had problems with USPS. actually never had anything lost so far at all.