Delayed LFO--->vibrato?

Hi people!

Trying to create a program with a delay before a vibrato kicks in on a sort of flute-like sound. How do I do it?? It’s the delay that I can’t seem to understand how to create.


On the Shruthi, there’s an LFO parameter called ‘atk’ (attack) that sets an initial rise time for the LFO. I don’t think the Ambika has this parameter, however, so you’ll need to create your own using a modifier.

On the page with the modulation matrix and modifiers (S4), set in1 = lfo4 and in2 as something with a rise pattern from 0, such as an envelope. I’m describing this method from my memory combined with a quick look in the manual, but this should work.

Then, route this modifier to Vibrato.

Ok, thanks C14ru5! I’ll try that

I forgot to mention that you also need to set an operation for the modifier, and in this case it would make the most sense to use either ‘product’ or ‘greater or equal’.

I haven’t tried this on the Ambika myself, so I’m excited to learn if this works.

It does work as you said. I set modifier 1 to in1-lfo4 and in2 to env1 and operator to product and then set the attack of env1 to 127. It gives a delay time of about two seconds which is just about what I need for this program. It allso increases the vibrato gradually in a nice way. Thanks!