Delay Time & Level stopped working

So suddenly Delay Time & Level stopped working on m YMS, so their values do not change anymore. Fdb and EQ are still working fine…any Ideas why this might have happened?
The “dly” filter board is still selected in the options, so that is not the reason. Any help would be appreciated.

So the delay is not working at all?

It is working - I just can not change the settings. I twist the knobs and the delay stays the same. Only thing I can change are Fdb and EQ.

What are the voltages on pins 6 and 8 of the DAC? It might be a weak connection on the 1x6 connector - preventing data to be sent to the DAC. I don’t remember if it boots at mid values, but if this is the case, you would be stuck with a middle setting for the level and a very slow delay time - or if it boots at 0 a very short delay time at high level.

Thank you for the quick reply! Indeed it’s a very short delay at high level.
Will try the measuring and resolder the connections on the 1x6 tomorrow.

Resoldered the connections and it works like a charm! Thank you!
By the way: guess what that little black box on the right next to the other black boxes is… ; )

Hi there,
I have this same problem with the YMS i just finished. I tried resoldering the connector but still no luck. I measured continuity between the two boards at the connector and it seems ok. Any other suggestions?
I have clock at the PT2399 and the pots work for all other settings except delay time and level.

Have you measured the voltages at the DAC outputs? Do they change when you sweep the time and level pots?

There is no change in voltage. 0V on both pin 6 and 8.

Then there’s a weak connection on the 1x6 connector ; or a weak solder joint on the DAC. Troubleshooting the DAC will require a scope or logic analyzer (checking the SPI signals).

I tried running wires from the control board to the filter board in case of a slightly intermittent header but still have the same problem. I have a scope but not a logic analyzer.

Thanks for the help by the way! Much appreciated.

(cough cough) nevermind. it was the 1x6 connector after all. working great and sounding great now. THANKS!