Delay suggestion. Preferable modular

Hey all.

I’m on the lookout for a new delay. The 6 months I had a Meris Polymoon, and I really, really loved it. My oy gripe was the “Hold” button for secondary controls. But it actually belonged to my ex partner, and she brought it on when she moved. Such is life. So now I’m delay less. I used to use clouds alot, but don’t have a unit at the moment.

So l, long story short, anyone here have any suggestions for a new delay, tape emulation could be interesting, bbd not so much.

Super expensive, but Magneto?

Reflex Liveloop is super complex. I’ve never got to grips with mine because of the less than inviting UI, so can’t really recommend it, but your mileage may vary. It does do an awful lot of things, if you can get your head round the controls.

I’m enjoying the uDervish currently - Cost effective but requires some DIY skills

I have the big version of that, the Dervish.

Great module, but quite fiddly to solder.

Yeah, that’s definitly an awesome module, but for the money I would rather have a proper low end tape echo, and then not have all the control. Or get a El Capitan, which I believe is more or less the same DSP?

All the demos I heard, is really convincing, but workflow wise, It looks like the opposite experience, than what I like from my modular.


How’s the sound on these things, I heard both good and bad things about the Erica Fx modules, that’s also spin based.

I think the best delay I’ve tried in euro was my old clouds, if only it had the mix, feedback and stereo width broken out on separate controls, it would be killer.

i like it, but at the end of the day sounding good is entirely in the ears of the beholder, if you listen to the first 30 secs or so of the video below you can hear one of the delay patches being used -

for lo fi tape delay’s I’ve got a DIY Euro conversion of a Behringer EM600 Echo Machine, which has (imo) a nice Tape emulation mode and lots of settings / cv-able inputs etc etc

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There are a few modules that use the same FV-1 chip, perhaps most notably the TipTop Audio Z-DSP.

With a platform like this, sound-quality is determined as much by the quality of the algorithms as by the technical limitations of the hardware.

Graham, the Dervish developer, has collected most of the freely-available FV-1 algorithms. In some cases, they may not be as good as equivalent proprietary algorithms used in some of the factory-built modules.

The (u)Dervish is certainly no Lexicon, but it sounds pretty good to me, as a quick way to add echo or ambience to patches.

If you’re recording to a DAW, I’d think you’d get better quality using plugins or even your DAWs builtin FX.


Not really the same league but I love my 4MS DLD !

I really love my Eventide Euro DDL; CV/clock control of nearly every parameter, beautiful clean signal path, quite short to quite long delay times. Love it.

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You should check out the 4ms Tapographic delay, that’s one of the most brilliant delays I’ve ever seen. Full disclaimer, I’m a fan of Matthias Puech’s work, so yeah I’m biased. But still check it out!

I actually just, literally 5 minutes ago, watched the Sonic Scenarios demo of that module. I’m also a fan of his parasite work, and the playability if the Tapographic delay looks really inspiring. Do you have one?

Added to the list. Seems nice and surgical.

Don’t overlook the Roland Demora, part of their discontinued AIRA line of modules. Sure it’s bulky and uses a huge amount of power (450mA), but it is ridiculously over-engineered and sounds really pristine as a result. Plus you can use it as a great audio interface to your DAW, or repurpose it via a software configurator to do other duties. They’re cheap second hand, and you can still find them new at heavily discounted prices.

Edit: no, new ones were very cheap for a while, but not any more a stock runs out. Second hand prices still reasonable, though.

Alright Devices Chronoblob

No. I had Matthias demo it to me and played around with it in another occasion and was really blown away. It’s on my wishlist, but for various reasons I have not been buying much new gear in the last 2 years, so it’s still just on the list :slight_smile:

I second this - I’m really enjoying my Demora (which I purchased secondhand from Danny Elfman’s studio!) :skull::ghost::jack_o_lantern: