Delay delay elay elay lay lay ay ay

mfos has a new delay coming out

That could be very nice. Will keep an eye out for it.

@Simon that video is beautiful. That is the sort of thing I like modulars for :slight_smile: erratic prettiness

Cheers Joshua.
Now I wish I’d recorded it properly before I unpatched it, maybe expanding on it. Ah well.
Might try and recreate it sometime. Cheers again.

May I ask how long you’ve been building that wall o’ knobs?

A couple of years. I also currently have 3U of MI goodies, plus a few more on the way. Once they’re here I think I’ll transfer them to an empty Monster base I’ve got. That’s going to look pretty empty and have lots of spaces over the next year or so though. It’ll be a combination of MI, Makenoise, Intellijel and a couple of random goodies too.
But I think it will be a perfect compliment to the all Doepfer case. (Still need to buy 5 more modules I want for it, then that’ll be done after a long time of buying and selling to get a set up I’m really happy with)

I’m running out of old synths, pedals and general gear I’m willing to sell though, so might take me a bit longer.
Unless I get a hefty pay rise. :slight_smile: