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I bought a MXR “carbon copy” pedal this week. It’s an analog mono pedal; no midi just 3 potis for wet mix, delay time and regeneration.
It’s a little but picky about the input voltage and the position of the potis when you switch it on but I got it running with a wallwart after I failed with 2 different probably not so fresh 9V blocks.

I like the nice and warm sound of the pedal and it goes very well with my Anushri. Didn’t test it yet with the Ambika but have no doubt’s that it will also sound good. I’m curious if there are good analog stereo delays out there. Any recommendations?

The PT2399 is also very cool. I love my YM Shruti and the weird echo/feedback sounds you can create with it.

I really like the MXR delays, I guess because they’ve been making them for so long they kinda know what makes a great sounding but simple delay. I don’t own one anymore though, sadly.

As for stereo delays, the Strymon El-Capistan is stereo. V1 is mono in, stereo out. V2 is stereo in, stereo out. I have a V1, but to be honest I’ve never really missed the stereo in option as it’s usually just got a guitar or mono synth running through it.
It’s digital though, but sounds incredible.

I think FX are one of those things that the new wave analog kids aren’t totally hung up on as needing to be digital- which is because there’s been lots of advancement in the DSP world because guitar pedals always sell and digital reverb is part of most people’s outboard mastering chains, etc. there are some great analog FX, but they’re best used sparingly because they’re so distinctive.

Imagine if companies had any incentive to keep researching digital synthesis the way they were In the 80s- instead we keep getting analog monosynths or VAs or VST emulations of old analogues. The virtual analog craze sucked the life out of hardware synths for a long time (not because it can’t sound great, but because it eventually made a lot of people throw up their hands and say "what’s the point of this, I’m going to go buy the real thing and stop wasting my time creating a reproduction like the original technology is superior sounding and still available!

Which is why I finally started a modular- it’s the only place synthesis is being pushed forward instead of back

I think it doesn’t matter if a device has an analog or digital signal path. In the end it only matters if you like the sound and if it’s easy to use. I tend to search for the sound that impressed me most when I was young and like the carbon copy for dub like sounds. For a clean delay I can use my Electribe for outboard processing or the YM Shruti for some more gritty sounds. I don’t want to start a fight analog vs. digital here and I think that the MI community knows that you can achieve great results if combine both.

You can never go wrong with a few classic pedals, say something Electro Harmonix, or a Mu-Tron Biphase. It’s not necessary to run everything through a LA compressor, Bricasti reverbs or Eventides all the time.

EHX Memory Man! <3!
Then again, I have something Danish like the venerable TC D-two in the rack. Should get the Korg just for the display…

The El Capistan is pricey- and there’s a lot of hype surrounding it…but I have to say I love mine. Especially for the mono-in stereo-out thing as Simon mentioned above. Makes a mono synth sound huge. Also got a Carbon Copy, which is nice, but being a guitar pedal it’s easy to overload it with a line-level signal. My solution was to run it at 18v - in this state you get a volume boost when you kick it on, and wild oscillation if you breathe on the repeats knob… it’s probably safer on 12v. Anyway excuse the rambling post…I bloody love delays.

I’m considering using the Wavestation A/D as AUX send in Ableton. Thing’s got some great FX (and having it hooked into Ableton will allow me to get an editor and learn how to program the damn thing finally), and then be able to send channels and use them in different ways- run them through a wavesequence, use them as an oscillator, etc.

…WS A/D is pretty special =)

Hehe, yep!

There’s lots of effects, quality-wise they sound like your low-midrange multi-effects of that era. But, using them as an oscillator, or a wavesequence or even vocoding has its uses :slight_smile:

The Shruthi-1 Digital FX board is also pretty cool for lo-fi FX

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I used to have one of these (not my video)
Great fun to be had twiddling the knobs as stuff played through it. It’s 12 bit, so also quite grungy, but capable of quite a wide range of effects, from delay and ADT, to chorus and flanger effects.


I don’t use it nearly enough as outboard effects, but I have a Line6 PodXT Live for my violin that has a whole wack of decent sounding FX in it. The software editor is pretty good, but it takes a bit of time to build patches. I really should wire it up to LXR, Anushri etc.

Any thoughts about the echophon? I wonder how it compares to guitar oriented pedals like the ehx mm w/hazarai, echo base, el capstan. When I played only guitar I found the last pricey and therefore built myself a magnus modulus (echo base derived delay). Now, by comparison to the Echophon it seems reasonable and it’s easier to find used.

So I went for the RE-20, bought it new at ok price in Amsterdam. It’s pretty cool as you can just use for tape saturation or go really wild with echoes. It’s infinite variation on a fairly limited palette, people say the reverb is faithful to the original in terms of sounding like a couple of springs but it’s nothing special… And of course a real tape space echo would sound better i’m quite sure. But with a bit of the dodgy reverb and set to your favourite of the limited number of echo repeats patterns and about six knobs to twizzle on the fly including the intensity control, a simple monosynth sequence can become a tower of dub! Or would if I was king tubby…
Definitely room in my life for other delay stuff in fact it’s my only outboard hardware effect but I’m pretty pleased with it. So much so that i’d go for a good reverb maybe next, try & work within the limits of the one delay for the moment. Want to build a PT2399 box myself somehow… think it might end up being yellow. :slight_smile:
Ps there’s an awesome video somewhere on YouTube of a Grendel drone commander just bubbling away through a real tape echo. Nice…

If you don’t mind buying Chinese stuff on a Chinese site (with paypal) I guess this is the best bang for the Buck : multimode stereo delay and looper pedal in a stomp-size box for 45$/30€

Demo video on guitar here

akai head rush is also fun. maybe not the best-sounding tape-delay emulation (that would be the boss re-20), but it’s got 4 individual outputs for its 4 virtual tape heads, which allows for some fun experiments with individual feedback, panning and/or additional f/x per output.

Grendel Drone Commander bubbling away…sounds quite the treat!


Simon, your videos are WICKED. Musical modular madness

Mmm, bizarro indeed :slight_smile: Kick-ass idea and execution!

Cheers guys. :slight_smile: