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Favourite delays… go.

The Effectron series by Delta Labs wins my vote.
I also enjoy my Ibanez modulated delay, but I mainly use it as a flanger/chorus.
They are both rackmount units.

I’m actually bidding on one of those Effectrons (ADM-1024) at the moment. It’s a bit beat up and missing caps and a switch, but I’ve been after one for a while, but they very rarely turn up in the UK. So fingers crossed.

Damn fine video. This has defiantly made my mind up.

They are nice, I wouldn’t pay more than 99$ or 75 euro for one. I got one in person, but it had less sample memory. I then immediately went out and found a 1024. :slight_smile: The two are great together. A flanger to a long delay is sweet.
With just the LFO and the residual noise you can make bass that will obliterate speaker cones! Be warned!

That sounds right up my street.
That’s about my top bid for this one. I don’t mind it being a bit scrappy as long as it works ok.
And they do sound very very good. Cheers.

So far my favorite is a Boss DM-300 Delay Machine, BBD Delay and Chorus I found on a local Craigslist for a great price. It’s big and chunky, and was designed to sit nicely on a guitar stack, but has some great knobs is in very good shape for being around 30 years old. They seem to be selling for stupid money these days.

Others within arms reach:

Roland SDE-1000. Bought off of eeekBay in pretty rough condition, non standard rack ears, screwed in with sheet metal screws, jamming the power switch on (stupid people. But after a bit of tweaking of rack ears and replacing a few screws, it was in rackable condition. A few knobs for control, each with it’s own color, and there’s also modulation and chorus on this one. VFD display)

DIY PT2399 based Echo Base Delay pedal. This one is pretty cool, delay with an added LFO for modulation. Cute (125BB sized enclosure) little delay, digital, but gritty and warm(ish). Plus, my second DIY pedal.

Ensoniq DP/4. Multi effect, but has some pretty awesome delay algorithms. Haven’t dug really deep into this one yet.

I loved my Strymon Timeline, but many of the delay-types were clearly meant for guitars (bit too much shimmer to be more than a wild effect)

I wish strymon would make a multi fx rack with production in mind. All their pedals are unique- yet natural.

There are tons of delay and verb racks dirt cheap around here. Let’s see what I can dig up.

Strymon loves the shimmer. I like the El Capistan because there’s no shimmer to be had with that pedal. The looping feature is fantastic.

That and the Moogerfooger MF-104M are my only delay pedals, which I use both constantly. the MF is good for clean, pristine analog delays. The Strymon is great for dirty warbly delays.

Any gems? I need an outboard delay and verb and I’m thinking I can get both for around $200 (lexicon mx-200 go for $75)

Rockman chorus/delay rack unit 80s - $130

Tel-Ray Morley 747 MS 747MS Echo Reverb 1960’s -$799(!)

KORG DRV 3000 Dual Digital FX Processor w/remote! - $200

Roland GP8 vintage multiFX w/ pedals and cases - $250

Vintage 80’s Ibanez HD-1000 Harmonizer/Delay - $75

So far not mentioned the all time Classic for delay D-Two



SMM w/ Hazarai has the best reverse delay effect in the biz!

I have an eventide timefactor who’s been an indisputable resident on my pedal board since I bought it. It’s expensive but it is very powerful. It’s very usable for both guitars and the studio. I take it regularly out of my board to work with on my desk. Only flaw is that despite its sturdy look it’s a bit fragile when you’re a guitar player. I had to replace a switch and the CV input is sometimes not working well, the DC connector also. If it stays in the studio or if you’re going to build a nice pedal board where you’re not constantly plugging and unplugging your hardware I would definitively recommend it.

TC D•TWO, because there’s MIDI sync, 10 tap-delay, and absolute control over repeats.

Yup, D-Two…nearly forgot about this one !

…i recently bought a tc trinity for reverb, and so happy with it that i think i will take a flashback*4.
The editor make it a vst in a little box…can do lot of things… Or i will take a wampled faux tape echo delay… will see but i’m after a delay too. Of course the memory boy/§man seem cool…

Line6 D4

Korg DL8000R. Dat display!

Yamaha E1010!!!

PT2399 +1, they are so cheap. you can build many and then link them up to seamlessly go from delays to reverbs or feedback synths. not very hifi but very awesome.