Delamere by The Last Ambient Hero

Hi all. Here’s the first in a series of releases under my ambient moniker…

Based around field recordings made during a day trip to Delamere Forest in April 2017. From the walk to the station, the train ride, to entering the forest and beyond into nightfall…

Created using Doepfer & Future Retro sequencers and a couple of my favourite synths (VZ10m, Ambika, Blofeld, PreenFM2). It’s also the debut outing for my MIDIgal - the combination of Future Retro Zillion into the MIDIgal dispatching the notes to the synths in a round robin style is great :slight_smile:

I hope you enjoy listening to this journey as much as I enjoyed making it.


Hey -
Delamere CDs sold out very quickly - thanks to all that bought one. As the next release is nearly ready to go, I thought I’d celebrate by giving away some free BC codes for Delamere -


Cheers all!

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Hey! What is it with the vz10m that makes you like it? It has not the best of reputation :slight_smile:

Hiya. Well it’s pretty cheap, not very fashionable and has a steep learning curve. But get past that and you start to realise that it’s pretty powerful for a synth from 1988. Kinda like an 8 op FM (though it’s actually a bit of a hybrid of FM & the CZ’s Phase Distortion) that you can then stack, cross-fade and velocity switch up to 4 patches on top of each other. It’s big screen makes it a little easier to program than most - you can see the multistage envelope shapes as you edit them rather than just doing it with numbers, for instance.

Like most digital synths of this type they do need some external effects to bring to life though. Nature of the beast. Def not a preset synth, to get the best you have to get pretty deep. I got mine to help me learn FM. But then I also sometimes sequence with a Cheetah MQ8 so what the hell do I know? :wink:

Definitely a taste of fm in it, but with a difference. I found some vz string sound made by some guy named Summa, it was one of the best strings I’ve heard.

Thanks a lot! It’s a great album and I’m happy it got appreciated well!
Thanks for giving away some codes!

falfa - I remember the main part of Seven Counties Horizon on Delamere is VZ10m (not the arps, the other louder keys/almost pads part). There’s other bits of VZ10m throughout the album but it was quite a while since I recorded it so I can’t think of other examples off the top of my head.

Thanks a lot! It’s a great album and I’m happy it got appreciated well!
Thanks for giving away some codes!

Papernoise - Thanks for the kind words. Glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you for sharing the codes, sat down and listened on the nice stereo yesterday evening.

I really liked the processing (that I either heard or made up was there in my mind hehe) you did to the field recordings that were intermittent through the album. Also whatever reverb you used has a nice, dark quality to it that I really liked.

It’s not you :slight_smile: I recorded the day trip on my (ahem) mobile phone so the processing was out of necessity more than anything else! Sometimes limitations force you into directions that you might not normally go. I like that. Having said that, I have since bought a Zoom recorder so hopefully the next field recordings will be Chris Watson-style awesomeness.
Oh and if my memory is correct I think the reverb that you liked is the Eventide Blackhole.

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Whoah. Huge and trippy. Great name! :grin: love that album cover too. Kinda brings to mind falling asleep on a train. God I miss trains. Hey! I recognize that patch on the beginning of SJ555704. One of my faves. I remember there was a sample of that on the old e-jay club world game, back when I was a youngster. Good slow evolution into semi-rhythmic styling on this track. I like that every once in a while there’s an off beat hit. Keeps it from getting too hypnotizing. I also like the tape crinkle effect every once in a while.

Heh this is an easy album to listen to. I’m already half way through and still interested. Nice retro ambient feel, which I am particularly fond of.

Thanks much for sharing. :slight_smile:

Hey, glad you enjoyed it :smile: I’ll send you a BC code for my next release when it’s out (not too long now…)