Definitive .pdf Shruthi Manual by Igor Cristo

Following the same design as the one on the Ambika Manual, I’m releasing a .pdf Manual for the amazing Shruthi.
I don’t know if there’s anything wrong inside the file, so please, if you see anything unusual or wrong, just contact me… I’ll update as soon as possible.

Shruthi Manual

Tell me what you guys think about it. I hope you enjoy it!

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Igor, I just want to say thank you for your contributions on these manuals, they are very much appreciated. Well done!

ill give it a throughout reading on my weekend trip, but via quick perusal it looks amazing

Super nice! Thanks for sharing.

Thank you for your kind words. I’m glad you enjoy it!

I think everything is OK. I’ve read it this weekend and found no problems with it…

Excellent work! Kudos!

It looks great !
Thank you !
(PS : is it for a specific version, or does it suits all filterboards ? Is it for Firmware > 1.0 ?)

It’s for firmware 1.0 and >
It might be a good idea to put this somewhere near or on the frontpage.

Thank you.
A while ago, i compiled the manual as a PDF too, but it wasn’t looking as good as yours :wink:
(i included some screenshots and pictures for the sequencer, though, so it was easier to understand its workflow well, at least for me).
if some day, you need it, i’d be happy to share.

Thank you guys! I’m glad you enjoy it.
As for which version I’m covering, it’s the same as the one you can find on Mutable Instruments website.
I’m not planning any additions to the manual. I can however, update it when MI does…
Maybe the suggestion of inserting for which version it is somewhere might be a good thing.

Thank you for that, much appreciated.

I want to wrap this manual in plastic for some reason.

Thanks guys! I’ve been thinking about printing it too. Cheers!

Nice work. It is a pity the midi charts are not in there. They are the one thing that I refer to synth manuals for the most.

+1 for Midi charts

@widdly and dubtoms
I don’t know if I’ll do it or not, but there’s a small chance. If I may ask: why don’t you just print the available MIDI chart? It’s a better table than anything I can get to go with the manual…

Because we are lazy ? :slight_smile:

Is MIDI CC chart enough?
Maybe I could do that… maybe a single PDF file with the MIDI chart… I don’t know yet.
I’m lazy too! :wink:

Is it the updated midi chart? As the one in the normal web manual isnt right for newer firmware if I remember rightly.

One thing I noticed reading the Ambika Manual is that regarding Oscillators Parameters it is much more graphic compared to what you can find in the Shruthi version (this also applies to the website).
Assuming both synth contains the same oscillators, why not update the Shruthi Manual with Ambika image files ?
e.g for Sawtooth :


Or maybe there is another reason why this was neglected by Olivier ?