Definitive .pdf Ambika Manual by Igor Cristo

Hey! I’ve been visiting this forum for some time now and this is my first post.

Last friday I’ve asked Olivier for some graphics to build up a .pdf manual for the Ambika, since there was only an online version of it. During the weekend I’ve been working on this and today I’ve finally finished it In the license part there’s a credit for pictures, but it would make the manual very big (since everything is in 300dpi, ready for printing if needed), and I left it without images.

Anyway, I’m just passing here to share this and ask what you guys think about it… a final version with the correct credits will be released tomorrow, but since I’ve completed it, this is just a nuance. There’s no page number, which is also on my to do list!

You can get the .pdf file here (updated July 08): Ambika OM

Let me know if there’s anything I can help you guys with…


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@cr73645 This looks really great! Thanks a lot.
A clickable link to the manual


I already had saved the web version as a pdf, but this is way better than that.

Thanks a lot!

Awesome work !

Now that you are at it you could do the same for the Shruthi… :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, the MI graphics really make this manual special. Great job!

Thanks guys

I’ve just updated with the final thank you message, license and page numbers!
I believe everything is just fine now.

Here’s the final link (already updated the first post):
Ambika OM

Hey, I’m thanked :smiley: Your welcome Igor! Did it finally arrive?

Manual looks amazing btw With your permission I’d like to print this out to ship with future Ambika’s.

Awesome! Thanks

Great job, thnaks so much Igor !

Page 14: It looks like the saw, square, and triangle waveform images are from the wrong waveforms?

Nevertheless, it’s nicely done.

Thanks I’m glad you guys liked it!

Yes! You’re thanked! :slight_smile:
It didn’t arrive yet, but I’ve seen it in details with your videos and I’m pretty excited about it.
Building this manual gave me the opportunity to study it before it even arrived. It’s close to my home now…
If you want to, feel free to print it and share with your next builds. I’d wait for the final version with all the fixes it may need.

Thank you for that I really missed that… when you edit the same file for 3 days I think it’s normal to leave things like this. I’ll fix it today and share a new version. Thank you once again!

Please guys, feel free to suggest corrections They’re welcome! Cheers

Made the corrections:

Hey thanks, this is super useful and looks great. I will have to get it printed in color!

Thanks silviu! :slight_smile:

great work. thanks a lot!


Will have a permanent place next to the machine itself !

Thanks guys! I’m glad you enjoy it.

I finally got my hands on my Ambika yesterday What an amazing synth! Having the manual with me made things easier. I’ve also made a video with it today. Super excited!

I’ve been away from this manual for a few months and I was wondering if someone found any errors inside it. I’ve checked it once again but wasn’t able to find anything bizarre.

Any help would be much appreciated.

And more… did anyone else see this? Did you like it?

Like !

Will try and hunt for left-over errors (if any).