Default volume for programs

Hey all, A bit of a long shot but hoping there’s an easy solution… The signal from my ambika comes into my desk much too loud, and every time I want to use a preset I need to drop the volume by a third or so before previewing it. Is there a way of setting a default volume setting for all programs?

>I need to drop the volume by a third or so

It’s not a good idea to “solve” the problem this way because you’re losing envelope DAC resolution!

I suggest you to directly mod the hardware to have lower outputs. I assume the outputs that bother you are the individual ones, because the mix has a level control knob…

Thanks Olivier, yes the individual outs are the issue here.

I didn’t build it myself, so I’m not aware of what’s needed to mod the outs… Are there any existing threads on this topic already? I also wonder if it’s user error from me, might there be another reason why the signal could be coming in so hot?

There’s nothing wrong you could have done that would have resulted in an excessively hot output. It’s by design - 3.5Vpp (“pro” line level).

The mod is voicecard dependent - which voicecard do you have?

SMR4 x6

On each voicecard, you need to locate R11 (the 18k resistor between pins 6 and 7 of IC5), near C10 ; and replace it with a lower value like 10k.

If you’re not good at (de)soldering it might be easier to add a parallel resistor? 22k?