Default patches for 0.92 (large eeprom)?

Hi folks!

I just upgraded Shruthi-1 to 0.92 and installed a large eeprom. I’m now looking for new default patches.

I found ‘factory_data_large.bin’ from , but there was no .syx file available.

Is it possible to upload this someshow without burner or is there somewhere .syx version available?


Check this out


I found this earlier, but the link mentioned in discussion returns 404?


works without hassle here… shall i mail u the .syx??

Sorry, the file has moved here:

This works.

Thank you all!


What procedure should I follow to reload all the patches onto my Shruthi?

Get this file

And play it into the unit through C6, SysEx Librarian or any SysEx transfer program.

Does the Shruthi-1 give any indication of progress, success or failure when doing so?

Thanks for your help.

Yes, you should see a “progress bar” pattern on the LEDs ; and a “+” on the LCD. If you see a “#” on the LCD the SysEx has been wrongly received.

What do you recommend for debugging if nothing happens?

I can play midi notes so I know MIDI is partially working… I will try a different MIDI port later because I’m using a cheap USB cable right now so it might be the problem.

I had similar problems.
see some threads below.
changed the midiinterface, adjusted the ms for sending sysex (for me was over 300)
and everything worked as it should.
sent via midiox

Thanks for the help. It turned out to be the cheap USB midi cable. I was able to send the patches and update my firmware using an SB!Live and the Elekton c6 tool.