Debuzzer (Entbrummer) Selfmade

Hey, i had a gaia… :wink: I sold it again after 1 month. :wink: The most stupid synthesizer ever had! Plastic sound and realy realy the badiest synthesizer from roland! So then is my sh-2 a lot better or my shruthi! Shruty is asfucking coool! Sound awesome!

Gaia is gone… :wink: No, i have a synth which i have to use it from headphone Oberheim MAtrix 6R. The Sound output on left and right have lost DBs… :frowning:

If you sell your M6R ill kill you - at least if you dont sell it to me … are you using a proper Mixer/Console or are you connecting this directly to a “Soundcard”?

I will NEVER EVER in MY LIFE Sell an analogue synthesizer! Nore my the rogue, sh-2, hs-60 nore the shruti and (smile) my novation keyboard bassstation.

I have a 24-Channel Yamaha mixer. Don’t know why i have not enough Dezibel on left and right output. Because i’m a looser on electronica, perhaps you can help me to get solved this problem. When i use the headphone output, i have finally enough dezibel with no noise! But Hum! And it sucks a little bit. I want not buy a new dehum because i would make one by myself…

But hey, if you’re a master at electronica, let me know, where i have to change something to get again enough Decibel out from output left and right…

What mixer exactly?

Test with headphones. If the headphone output hums there is a problem with the synth or psu.
Next, connect the 3m cord, and unplug the psu. If the hum stops it is probably a ground loop.

Wow you people post fast

Hey Dunk… Thanks

@fcd72 MG24… Yeah, i know, not the best one… But trust me… I have no hum on other synths and the noice level is more then ok… Im happy with it…

So if the M6R is the only humming one - time to recap the PSU there…

Huuhh, okay… :frowning:

The PSU is inside the synth… For the lost DBs you know what i can do?

Increas your gain? Normally its the upmost Pot on your Channel Strip… Check if you have the Pad Switch (on CH 1-16) pressed. If you can’t have sufficient Gain with the Pot cranked up all the way you have a way bigger Problem :wink:

I will take a look at it… Thanks and good night… :wink: