Debut shruti: 07/12/10

for my trio Delicate Sen’s concert this past saturday

as my shruti wasn’t yet encased (tho my pokono delivery just arrived today), this setup was a bit raw and jury-rigged. the Shruti is being controlled via Max, which is capturing pitches from the Axiom (who is pals w/my virus), and the 8 big pads on the Axiom trigger the Shruti, using the “record” button on the Axiom to send note-offs (this part is a bit hacky right now). the iPod touch is running TouchOSC (through Max) to control Shruti values as well. lil iPod shuffle is sending field recordings into the Shruti.

really loved having this out there, did just what I wanted (and sometimes not!).

here’s my lil layout for TouchOSC

and here’s the max patch, modified from EATYone’s orig:

looking good! but how does it sound?

i’ve yet to edit the recordings from saturday for shruti-specific clips. of course the shruti sounds awesome but you didn’t need to be told that did you? just the perfect about of unpredictability when I dig into the oscillators & mod routing - and really just a delicious sound.

interesting looking at your max patch. other than breaking out all the different CC pots, the main purpose of this patch was allow you to create TouchOSC controls yeah?

what is the purpose of the pitch list?

yeah the whole purpose of this patch is to control the Shruti via my TouchOSC interface + Axiom. I needed a simple way to use the Shruti live w/out having to buy another MIDI keyb or lose the Virus (at least until I get the Shruti “finished”), and I needed it pretty quickly.

the “pitch list” accumulates the most recent 8 MIDI pitches received from the Axiom, these are sent to the Shruti via the 8 drum pads on the Axiom.

so you’re playing the virus via the axiom and a pad hit triggers the last note captured on the shruti, say for an arpeg or sumthing? deadly!

yes exactly. pad hit triggers any of the last 8 notes, so i can do lil riffs too. there are a couple MIDI things I need to smooth out in Max, but with the type of music I do, who can tell, really.

deadly is one way to put it. the first practice + recording we did was intense. I blame the shruti. and having great musicians to play with, but this forum isn’t about them, is it?

excuse my irish slang colloquialisms - deadly = cool, good.

sounds like a really nice way to incorporate the shruti.

oh i think i understood yr colloquialism just fine!