Debugging Anushri

I just finished to build the Anushri and it is not working as it should.

  1. The audio output level is really low
  2. The behavior of the main volume is really strange. I can hear sound when it is at middle position but not when it is at full position I hear nothing
  3. Fuzz circuit is not working, Resonance is not working
  4. Audio output in is working like the out, I can hear sound coming from it!

What is working:

  1. MIDI is coming through, led is flashing and the sound coming out follow the MIDI Pitch
  2. When using DRUM, the main volume is working correctly and the output level is as expected and the control are working as expected.
  3. Sub change the sound, VCF too and others pots are working

I have check the Power distribution, it is ok. I need to check the signal path but as there is something coming out…

Any idea what I should looking for? Maybe a problem with the connector between the board?

I can post pictures tonight…
Thanks a lot for any help!


Do the signal path test. Post photos of your boards.

I will do the signal path meantime here is some pictures

I will follow this thread, because I just reflowed a few bad solder joints and reassembled my anushri. It went from just the filter section not working to now basically no sound output at all. If I turn the gain on my interface waaaaay up, I can get some scratchy something out of my speakers, but that’s it. I still need to do the signal path check, though. Good luck to the original poster.

same behavior that the output jack. What is strange is that I have a better output on the input jack!

I do the signal path, I don’t have a scope so I plug a cable and check if I hear something. I got sound everywhere that follow the midi pitch. I have fuzz at the fuzz output and so on. I am puzzled here.
Only thing that is strange is that I have different level of signal but maybe it is normal. In average the signal level is normal compare to what I have at the audio output jack!

Any ideas?

Does the audio out on the front panel (3.5mm jack) work?

It is working now… I wondering is my mistake was that I did not put the spacers and thus the connector was making wrong contacts on the board. Anyway I will never know. I remove the ships and redo some soldering…

Just a question is it normal that the level of the drums is louder that the synth?

Thanks for the help!

The level of the synth section depends on the ADSR setting, the MIDI volume CC, the velocity sensitivity (which can be turned on or off), the filter mode, the filter cutoff, and the presence/absence of the sub-oscillator.

Is it really impossible to tweak the settings of the synth section so that both sections match?

No there is a huge gap. If i put the volume of drums at 40% and the synth at 100% it is nearly the same volume. I don’t have set the trimmers yet. I don’t know if they have an impact on output level?
Every functions is working otherwise…

I have a normal level on points O and P but on R only the drums can be heard because the synth is so low. I have to look at the schematic but what can cause this drop of level between P and R? Any idea?

Can you take a photo of the board in the area of IC3 / IC4?

What about point Q?

Q is sounding great

You will find some pictures… what’s going on?

Which voltage do you have on point C when a note is held?

only 2.8V so this is 2 volt less. What can be the cause?

Do you send the note at full velocity? Is the sustain set to a high value? Have you sent a volume MIDI CC?

I just play a long sustain note in my DAW with velocity 127 and no MIDI CC (or I am not aware of) my shruthi play fine with this setting

Is the sustain set to a high value?

Third pot botom from the left set at 100% so yes sutain to the max

is there some hope?