Deaf modular sketch


Hi! I wanted to record my first patch since I rebooted my eurorack journey. It’s nothing fancy but I think the process was pretty funny:
First I was patching and wiggling around to get to know the new MI modules I got (they are all new to me!). After the patch settled I tried to perform some music on it. I got some rough ideas about the arrangement. It’s basically just a fade in/fade out arrangement.
The funny twist was when I tried to record it. I just hooked up the headphone output to a guitar-usb cable that came with the playstation game rocksmith to my iPhone. I used a lightning-usb adapter. I when I was filming I could not monitor the sound, so I had to perform the arrangement without hearing anything at all. It felt very strange since there’s some amount of randomness to it from Marbles.
When I imported the clip to my laptop I noticed that the sound was way to low. I just used some auto levelling before exporting the clip again, hence the audible background noise.