Dead stages?

Hi, im sad, because I think stages has died on me :frowning:

when i first got it I could send a trigger from grids and it would run nicely through the 6 stages ( i’d send the out to plaits to modulate the mode to get really cool rhythms…now when I send it a gate or trigger from marbles or grids, it goes so fast its runs through the 6 steps at about 10000bpm making it useless. whats happened?

on the sequencer mode it goes nuts when receiving a trigger or gate, in the orrange mode it just acts plain weird…

I dunno how to properly explain whats going on, but its not working like it did when i first got it…

Is there some master reset I can do to see if it helps? ive tried turning it on and off to no avail.


Can you post a video showing the problem?

Not necessarily here but to

just uploading a video now so i can send you a link

email sent