Dead Man's Catch modified firmware for Peaks


Thank you for the clarification: all I’d read was “don’t”, but without any further elaboration, so that’s really useful, cheers!


Apologies for a possibly dumb question, but if I revert from DMC to the new firmware on my v3 peaks, what exactly am I calibrating to or against? 0V? And how would I check whether calibration is required? Given the fact that I’m asking this question, I think the best result would be confirming that I don’t have to do anything.

I’m certainly enjoying DMC, but I definitely have the envelope bleed, so I might revert pending an update (I find the envelopes very handy in my setup).


Yes, you’ll have to calibrate for 0V.

To check that calibration is required, put the module in ADSR mode, and check the voltage on each of the two outputs. It should be 0.000V. If the voltage is not 0, you’ll get bleed when patching the envelope to a VCA.


Wonderful. many thanks. The bleed is easy enough to detect, so I think I can probably handle this (if necessary).