Dead Man's Catch modified firmware for Peaks


Yes, as pitch followers, the PLL modes in DMC are unavoidably flawed, because they are abusing a binary trigger input and code designed for period detection from pulses in the temporal domain for pitch detection from complex waveforms in the audio domain. I was surprised that it worked at all, in any circumstance. I haven’t been able to reproduce the channel interaction issue (but haven’t tried too hard, either, I admit) - it may be the poor little Cortex M3 processor running out of steam, because, looking at the code, I can’t see how information could bleed from one channel to the other. I’m not proposing to do any more work on the PLL modes - given the hardware, it is probably fruitless to try to improve them - and as you say, the quirks and waywardness can be regarded as features, not bugs.


bobcorrigan> Thank you for all the effort you’ve put and continue to put into DMC. Even with the constrained UI, it’s opened up the module for me in some very creative and enjoyable ways.

Thanks Bob. The next version will feature a technique I came across for modulating cognitive bias through the use of a necromantic obfuscator.


BennelongBicyclist > Thanks Bob. The next version will feature a technique I came across for modulating cognitive bias through the use of a necromantic obfuscator.

I for one welcome our new necromantic overlords.


How goes the battle to implement that necromantic obfuscator?


I really want to finish DMC, but I keep getting sidetracked by work on enhancements to the Ornaments & Crimes firmware for the Ornament & Crime module. However, there is fruitful cross-fertilisation between the two projects: O+C re-uses code from Peaks, but some things we’ve developed for O+C will now be ported to DMC for Peaks. I’ve just finished working on O+C v1.1 firmware, so can finally get back to working on DMC in earnest. Apologies for the delay.


Good news …look forward to the new work :slight_smile:


Same here, looking forward to the next DMC release!


No need to apologize. Take your time! Looking forward to the next update.


I celebrate your focus on Ornamental Crime and wish you great success. I will hunt it down and attempt to figure it out. When you revisit DMC I will be on line with my tin cup.


Hi BB any updates on DMC being complete? Cheers


risome> Hi BB any updates on DMC being complete?

Yes, v0.7 has been complete for some time. :wink: Later versions are not yet complete.


I’ve been watching development continue on O_C 1.2beta and was scouring the web for updates to other firmwares and saw that back in October BennelongBicylist said something about versions not yet complete, any news?


Not yet complete, and not much will be added. But I will fold in the Peaks V3 calibration code into DMC as soon as I am back from holidays, now that I am aware that it exists. O&C is a much more interesting platform to work on. As always GitHub pull requests (i.e. Code contributions) for DMC are always welcome.


It might be the wrong time to ask (Superbooth week etc.), so I just want to let you know there is still interest out there for a DMC version which works on new Peaks …


I left the DMC and went back to the stock fw cause I was in desperate need of the hihat!
Is the hihat coming back in the DMC?


Oh, there’s still interest over here! My 2x Peaks are eagerly awaiting some cool new modes!
My most useful (and most used) modules! Thanks again for DMC, @BennelongBicyclist !


The updated firmware for Peaks which Olivier just released apparently uses CPU more efficient, so it may be possible to restore the hi-hat to DMC - we’ll see. I have about one more week of (spare time) work on O&C v1.3 to do, then I’ll get back to DMC, I promise.


Not sure about new modes for DMC, but immediate plans are a) incorporation of the software calibration code; b) porting of or to the new code base which Olivier just released. b) will probably subsume a). Not sure how big a task that will be yet.


Forgive a newbie if this has been posted before - can someone confirm which (new DMC) features are available in each version and which (original Peaks) ones (if any) are sacrificed. My understanding from and above, is that HiHats are…lost? Changed? Or just expanded to their own function?

I also have a newer Peaks (no cal pots on the board) so am I right in saying that I risk bricking it with the current ß0.7, but that ß0.8 is compatible, and imminent, yes?


You won’t “brick” the module. No matter what you do, it’s always possible to invoke the firmware update procedure, if necessary redo the calibration, and get back to the original state of the module. If you install DMC, no matter which version, it’ll work, but the envelopes will not exactly rest at 0.000V - potentially causing bleed if they are connected to a VCA without offset control.