Dead Man's Catch modified firmware for Peaks


Thanks! Hmmmm, a Circklon! Sorry for the delay in getting the next version of DMC out - it has been a bit hectic for me professionally (new job) and personally (moving house) over the last 6 months. There will definitely be more byte beats in the next version of DMC, as well as something nifty (but not really novel) to do with percussion sequencing (no, not a port of the Grids rhythm map). But first, a week off in some remote parts of Tasmania, staring at the Southern Ocean. As soon as DMC is complete, I’ll revisit Bees-in-the-Trees.


Great news! Enjoy your Trip in Tasmania :slight_smile:


hello! first of all thanks for your great take on this module, your work is awesome, loving ALL of the alternative functions and how you implemented them.
all but one…
as you stated the high hats sound really different than the original ones due to sampling rate differences.
is there any way of implementing another version with maybe less functions but a cleaner sound with a bit more high end? i ask this because it would be really useful to me to have peaks as open\\closed high hat module in some patches but i can’t really use it as it is due to the sound of it that doesn’t fit my musical style.
even a really basic hipass filtered white noise source with fewer resemblance to a real high hat would be an interesting alternative, and i see it being useful to others as well, when you need a crisp, clean hat sound to just punctuate the rhythms instead of a more complex, realistic\\organic sound like the one you implemented.

thanks again for your awesome work!


intensitygate, yes, I agree, the hi-hat sound sucks. The original hi-hat sound in peaks was better, but still not great, but it kept causing DMC to crash for reasons I don't fully understand. I will be revisiting it in the version after next (which i have been working on today). One possibility is to use sampled hi-hats, which would mean replacing the numbers station (even though I love it, and have a crush on the announcer).stevecrichtom hacked in some lo-fi percussion sounds to replace the numbers station. with reasonable results. In conjunction with @livefreela, I hope to do something similar, but just for hi-hats. I want LinnDrum hi-hats! Or at least a vague approximation. Let’s see what can be done.


:slight_smile: yessss!


linn drum style? i’m on it…


Hello! Excellent-brilliant work, i am testing the firmware for about 3 hours now and apart from being speechless and delighted with the new features i find the current beta release very stable!
Keep up the good work! Thank you very much!


Thanks! Work on v0.8 is now underway again, finally. Apologies to all for the hiatus.


looking very forward to the next version!


Hey I think I found a bug. I was using the regular FM drums and I noticed it was skipping a beat every once in awhile. I checked the clock source, which was the QCD, and it seemed normal, tried it with Rene gate outs and had the same problem. Then I switched it to the 808 kick and it was normal with no skipped beats.


@flohr, OK thanks for the bug report. What function was it running in the other channel, just so I can attempt to replicate it, although that is unlikely to have any effect. I don’t recall touching the FM drums code, so I will have to check.


@BennelongBicyclist sorry I just saw this. Ummm… Possibly the random AD envelope? I’m sorry it’s been so long now I can’t recall.


OK, thanks. I’ll actually been fiddling with the DMC code, on-and-off, and have added some interesting things for v0.8 (not pushed to GitHub yet). I’ll set aside some time to track down the bug over Easter while finishing v0.8.


@BennelongBicyclist thanks for your excellent work on this firmware. I’m using it (v0.8b) in pretty much every patch now, and in fact you’re responsible for my having purchased a second Peaks module. I know you’re planning to update the hi-hat sounds in a future release but I wanted to mention that my hats appear to be outputting in DC. They sound fine, and all other drum sounds output bipolar as expected.I only noticed today when I recorded them to their own track in Logic.


OK, thanks - I shall have a look - I may have overlooked an offset somewhere. I’m working on DMC a bit over Easter.


@BennelongBicyclist Looks like Sonic Potions have beaten us to the Perlin Noise pattern-generator. Shame…

I wonder whether they used some of the ideas discussed in this thread.

Looks good though, and the other modules look intriguing, too. Only one with a DIY option, interestingly.



Yes, I saw that. I still don’t think Peaks is the right vehicle for this, but I know what is - suffice to say that Perlin noise is on the to-do list for a different open-source module.


Oh wow, Manifold looks like Clouds mkII


@BennelongBicyclist I think I may have an idea of which module you have in mind. I’d be interested to see where you take the idea.



Incidentally, are you planning to add the clock divider/multiplier we discussed to a future DMC version? I still think that would be a really useful function, and fits in perfectly with the ‘trigger toolbox’ concept of Peaks.