Dead LCD

Dear Ambika builders & good advisors,

Everything (except voice cards) in place and probed, LEDs are lighted accurately (LED15 is flickering, I reckon it has to do with the save/load task?)

But; LCD screen is dead. Does not light up at all. I understand it should live up at this point (before loading the SD card etc)… What could be wrong here?

LCD is screwed and soldered as it should (I think?) … Any suggestions?

Which LCD model is it? What kind of resistor/jumper have you soldered as the backlight current limiting resistor?

It’s the standard LCD that comes with the kit (GDM4002A ver1.2 xiamen ocular) resistor/jumper accordingly …from kit (not sure which, on which slot?). Thanks …

Don’t know if there is any useful info in the submitted picture, but anyway …

Looks like the resistor / jumper is missing.

Can’t see 100% but there should be a wire jumper (or possibly a resistor) in the spot marked ‘0’ just above the LCD…

Oh shit, I had no idea … but it makes sense. So what do you say folks, wire or resistor for the standard LCD? (if R, what value…?) Really appreciate your quick response here, thanks loads.

I hope the LCD is’t killed now…

You need to solder a bridge (conductor with, ideally, no resistance) on this spot. That’s the meaning of the “0R” and the mining of the little wire shown connecting both ends.

That Worked! Many thanks! :slight_smile:

And to those who read this and have a another display make sure you get the right value for your display. The answer is in the forum at the blink of a search.