Dead Grids!?!

So, I turned on my modular this afternoon, and my Grids didn’t greet me with it’s usual blinking clock and trigger LEDs. Turned a bunch of knobs, held down the clock button. Nothing. I pulled the module out. I don’t see anything out of the ordinary. But I plug it in, and look at it as it’s turned on. And the spot behind the ARM processor gets really warm. So something is going on there. I moved power around in my case, still the same.

Has anyone else had issues with their Grids module? Has anyone been able to bring it back from the brink?

If other modules are working fine, but not Grids, maybe you’ve lost power on the +5V rail? Many eurorack power solutions have LEDs that show you the status of the +12V, -12V, and +5V rails.

> Has anyone else had issues with their Grids module?

Yes. Especially with TipTop power boards. Send it back to me please.

What’s been the issue with TipTop, volt spikes on power up?

Yes, on the +5V line.

I’m using a Synthrotek Power board, this is the case I’m using with the included power:
I also have a Pulp Logic passive bus module running off of the Synthrotek to power my 1U tiles.
On both the Synthrotek power module and the Pulp Logic, I have a light for all 3 voltages.

So is there fix for future Mutable modules to protect against these spikes? Is there something I should do to even out the power spikes when powering on?

I’ll send it in, I sent an email to your support address.

Thanks for your quick response.

> So is there fix for future Mutable modules to protect against these spikes?

The first two batches of Grids were the only products drawing directly from the +5V bus.

I don’t have any other product similarly exposed.

So you’re deriving the 5v from 12v now?

Yes, always. At the very worst I’ll be frying the regulator, and they are easy to replace. This has happened only once, actually to one of my own modules while shorting a part :slight_smile:

Looks like this has happened to mine aswell. Turned it on my rack today and the module wouldn’t power up. Might have a go at soldering in a new regulator.

I’ve taken my Grids panel off to replace the M1117 and found there isn’t one, it’s 2012 v0.1
I’m worried that means this module is completely fired :frowning:


i have the same problem and the same version of Grids.
So do you fix it?
is there a solution?

For repairs, please send a message on the contact form on the Mutable Instruments site.

ok thanks

My second rev .01 Grids just died. It’s pretty much my fault: I forgot and moved the Grids out of a case with cleaner 5V rail and into the old Tiptop-powered skiff that killed the first one, years ago.

Is anyone fixing these? I feel bad about tossing great hardware, if it can be revived and kept away from early Tiptop distros.

Use the form on the Mutable Instruments website.

Will do, thanks!