Dead Frames :(


Hello, I’m new here!

Unfortunately I think my Frames has kicked the bucket. Today I powered up my rack and noticed none of the LEDs on my Frames lit up (all other modules in the rack appear fine.) It was in a TipTop Mantis case FWIW.

What’s weird is that it at least somewhat works - the inputs are being mixed and sent to the output, but none of the VCA / Frame / LED functionality works. I’m no electronics expert, but I tried to do some debugging with no luck. Basically all I was able to determine is that the two voltage regulators are indeed outputting 3.3v, and that the outputs all output their input at full volume. Any hints as to what I can do to diagnose the issue, or will I just have to bite the bullet and accept my loss?

Not sure if this is relevant, but I bought it second hand off Reverb several months ago and immediately had some issues with it. Fortunately, I re-installed firmware 1.2 and that seemed to fix the issues. Maybe the previous owner had the parasite firmware on it? Not sure, but it certainly wasn’t working as the official manual described.



Send it back to me (contact me through the form on the Mutable Instruments site) and I’ll have a look.

Unless it’s not a genuine module of course!


Okey doke, will do! Pretty sure it’s an OEM module, not a DIY kit or anything like that.