Deactivate pitch tracking on shruthi

Hello everyone!

I wasn’t able to perform the pitch tracking removal from the manual on my shruthi.
I took the init patch (default user), added in the mod matrix Mod 1, src Note, dst Osc1, amt -63.
What am I doing wrong? Is there a patch in the standard patch lib using osc without pitch tracking?

Thank you!

try amt 0
-63 just reverses the tracking sense.

Thanks Rosch for your time.

I tried, but no luck. Were you able to do it?
I will look at the source code later for this…it seems weird.

@batman: are you sure you can do this?
I think you can reverse filter cutoff tracking with cutoff as destination.
But Osc1 destination affects osc1 pitch in a -16 to +16 semitones range (according to the manual).
I can be wrong but not sure you can disable pitch tracking this way…

i’m not sure ither, i have to hook up a device first and try. will be later tonight.

Hi batman, I’ve done this to produce test signals.

This is what you do in the Mod Matrix (it’s a bit convoluted):

Mod 1, src Note, dst Osc1, amt -63
Mod 2, src Note, dst Osc1, amt -63
Mod 3, src Note, dst Osc1, amt -63
Mod 4, src Note, dst Osc1, amt -4

Even then, this only defeats pitch tracking over nearly three octaves.

If you want the filter tracking to be deactivated as well you’ll also need:

Mod 5, src Note, dst Cutoff, amt -32
Mod 6, src Note, dst Cutoff, amt -32

Hope it helps though!

Here’s an example Shruthi preset I use for test purposes using these tweaks - a fixed 1kHz sinewave (on my analyser it measures just 0.26% distortion).


Oh, and if you want different fixed frequencies, just dial them in using the Pitch & Pitch Fine controls of Osc2.


Oh you faster… I as trying but didn’t find it. I was thinking baybe you could amybe alter the scale preset to have a scale without pitch tracking.
look here

I guess you would still have octaves… nit shure if it works though.

It works!
Here is a 0.97 version firmware midifile where the scale 1/4 e has been replaced by the scale Octave.
All the keys from C to B will be the same note. An octave higher on the keyboard will be the same note an octave higher.
I think there are some more interesting things you can do with this.
Did the scale setting survive into V1.0?

Thanks everyone!
The Shiftr approach is really elegant! I like it :). I was only used to program that way with other synths, finding the right pitch and don’t care about which note you press.
This octave scale can be interesting for other people, maybe it should be included in the distribution?
Can you compile the sysex version? Ableton doesn’t want to load the mid file provided so I can’t send it to the shruthi.

Thanks again!

This is the sysex version… maybe the forum renames it. Just changes the extension back to .mid
You can try the C6 tool from Elektron to upload it in the shruthi. I use sysex librarian myself

I would like to have a series of harmonics as a scale… but how to calculate that in 7 bit value cents?