DC Jack issue! (Possible Noob Question)

Today my 1st ever Struthi arrived in the mail and so far I’m really enjoying the process of building the kit. However I’ve ran into an early problem…

When I try to attach the DC Jack onto the Filter Board (SM4-R mkII) I am unable to insert the back pin (The one directly next to the pads labelled SW) . It does seem slightly broader than the left and right pin and quite simply won’t go through the hole. Any suggestions for a solution? Or am I being dumb and doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance!

ps Sorry if this has been asked before. I couldn’t find any mentions of this in other discussions

can you cut a fraction of a mm off the back pin with flush cutters? Or just file the hole on the PCB a tiny bit?

I’m a bit nervous about doing both of those to be honest. Especially the filing.

Although I have thought of something…is the dc jack supposed to sit directly on the PCB or slightly above it?

edit:- Got it through the hole now by cutting a few mm off the pin. Thanks for the help @pichenettes!

use a file, you dont need to take off much. Cutters dont work very well…

Cutting it has worked well but I’ll know that for next time @altitude. :slight_smile: