I had ordered the DC Jack from Digikey #CP-202A-ND, which is the “editors pick”. But it does not fit. The leads are too big for the holes. Had to do some fancy bending to get it to fit. When I built the IR3109 board, on the BOM, the Digikey # is CP-102A-ND. It fit just fine. I’m guess the CP-202A-ND is a typo. Just a heads up if it needs to be corrected.

No it won’t. I’m convinced that this city can’t accomplish anything worthwhile.

Don panic Titus, it will all come back in 30 Years…

What I would give for your public transportation systems. Did you know that until the 1950s, Los Angeles had a brilliant train system that reached all parts of the city? It was dismantled in favor of automobiles, freeways, and smog.

I was not complaining about the length of traffic jams, but rather about the width of streets and ways compared to US streets :wink:

How can it be worse than Los Angeles? We have the worst traffic anywhere I think, although many other American cities are catching up fast. Just too many people (and too few Paul McCartney songs).

titus, believe me: you don’t want to know what it’s like driving in europe (especially paris)

Jesus, I didn’t know my xellite cutters were at risk? I thought they were indestructible!

Anyway same goes for pot holes. The larger, the better (unless you are in a car and driving in Los Angeles).

Grinding wheel comes handy for such things.

Yeah. It was pretty funny. I felt like Rambo. Piece of the tip went flying and the handle cracked in half. They were the expensive Xelite brand. Ended up just doing a combo of pinch an twist till they fit.

I need to get a dremmel set for just such occasions.

Cool. I did break a pair of cutters trying to reduce their size. :smiley:

Oh man, you did break cutters while cutting the leads from a DC jack???

The boards with the smaller holes need the Cliff DC jack. Some of the later boards have bigger holes and so can use the larger tagged DC jacks that are commonly available.

So, there are different versions of the MKII? If this is the case, it should be noted that for the older version, use the CP-102A and for newer use CP-202A. The holes on the MKII seemed to be pretty large, but not quite large enough for the CP-202A.

Or just use the small one on both versions, thereby avoiding confusion until all boards can accept the bigger jack ^^

I do know that the SMR-4 MKII boards (2) I had, had the larger pads to accommodate larger leads on the DC Jack, but the Digikey one was still too big.

I was taking in general about all of the Mutable filter boards. Some accept larger pinned sockets.

@qp: I’ve seen that too, sorry for the confusion. Looks like the parts I used for the kits are from Reichelt, not for Digikey. I thought they were the standard, but they are not! I’ll make the holes a bit bigger in the next version.