DC-coupling and DC-offsets

I have a technical question, and I’m sure somebody here knows the answer to it.
Basically I have a module that will produce 2.5V when silent. The module’s output is DC-coupled and the waveform (when I look at it with the oscilloscope) is shifted up by those 2.5V. Basically it’s a normal bipolar wave that oscillates around 2.5V instead of 0V.
Is this normal?

Nope. Looks like sloppy Engineereing, saving an OpAmp Cell and some negative Voltage Source, Modules that emit “Waveforms” are supposed to swing around 0V.


I’ve got a shades… must try that…

It feels a bit like a waste of modules using 2 channels on Shades just to correct one module’s output. I could of course just use the offset output and then mix it with Links… but I found that the distortion input on the Mutant Bassdrum is also correcting the DC offset for some reason, so I guess I’ll use just that!

Or you can build yourself an “AC coupled” cable (passive HP filter) with a 1u cap and a 100k resistor.

I’ll do that as soon as I get a moment, basically it’s a cap in line and and a resistor to ground? or the other way around?

cap in line, resistor to ground, yes.

cool, thanks a lot! now… where did I put that soldering iron…