Dang! (EDIT) Noise after TL072

Hey guys,

Some time ago, I discussed the issue I had with the Neutrik jack connector on my Shruthi SMR4.
To be short, there was noise on the output and moving the jack around would kind of solve the problem, in fact, the neutrik connector was the issue and was worn out.
So I ordered new ones and soldered it yesterday.
Problem: no sound anymore.
I used my jack audio probe and found the signal was not being transmitted to the “T” point of the out jack connector on the reverse of the board.
So I desoldered again the connector only to find out that after 5 to 6 times soldering and desoldering this part, the little copper pad went off and I am left with just holes (solder repellant) on this side of the board…
To top it off, for an unknown reason, I started not to have sound anymore on the out bridge (9th audio probe point). I traced the audio signal back to point 7 (after the 10k resistor). On point 8, after the TL072P, I had a muffled and really low signal, but now no sound at all.

So, could it be that after all this soldering and desoldering, the heat went back to route to the TL072P and fried it? I can’t see anything else causing that, so I seek your help.

(As for the jack connector, I think I am doomed to wire it…)

I would be very suprised if you have fried a TL072 in this way… It’s probably another bad soldering joint or some soldering flake on the pcb somewhere.

Yes, after giving some thoughts, I also think that would be most unlikely.
I’ll investigate, and in worst case I have a spare TL072CP around.

I cleaned a bit the mess I had done, sound is back on the out bridge.
But the noise is still there actually, it could actually not come from the jack connector.
I recorded the sound of the noise there
The first sound is the signal coming from the audio probe at point 9 (audio bridge) and point 8 (after the TL072) and the second is the one I am getting on point 7 (after the 10k resistor).
Big difference!
This lead me to think the TL072 is faulty…

What do you think?

Swapped the TL072, still the same issue…
A lot of noise especially when res is high and cutoff low.
Here is another sample for the sake of clarity.