Damaged AVR

I built my Shruthi using the PCB’s and pre programed chips supplied by Mutable but it does not start.
The LCD lights but I’ve found that the 20MHZ clock is not working. I’ve replaced the crystal and the 18pf caps without success.
Could I replace the crystal with a lower freq type to see if the clock starts ?.
Help .

Which measurement do you do to check that the clock does not start?

The measurements were made on pins 12 and 13 of the AVR. Niether pin had any signal.
I was using a standard X1 scope probe, I’m not sure if this would load the clock circuit too much.

I’ve found the problem and I thought I’d post it here to help anybody else who has the same problem.
The problem was found to be the crystal. I replaced the crystal with a 12 MHZ type and the synth started. I then purchased a replacement 20 MHZ type from the source listed in the BOM and I now have a working Shruthi. Many thanks Olivier for putting me on the right track and thanks for a great little synth. :slight_smile:

Where did you buy the original crystal? It might be helpful to “blacklist” your part on the public BOM to prevent other people to run into the same problem.