Daisy-Chaining Power to Shruthis

I am looking to free up some power sockets and reduce a bit of cable clutter in the studio by daisy-chaining power.

There are a few options out there designed for gtr pedals and this seems like it would work pretty well for up to 3?

Just wondering if anyone here had any experience or advice to offer?


it works ok. You just have to be careful about your power supply.

Thanks MicMicMan, what do you mean careful? Would you care to elaborate?

The power supply has to be able to provide enough current for all connected devices and the connection has to be center positive. Power for guitar effects is usually center negative.

The center positive thing is one concern. Specifically you should likely use something like 300n (ma) where n is the number of Shruthi devices you want to power. Ambika is a different beast. For example, if I wanted to power 4 Shruthis I would want 300(4) ma or 1.2 amps of current available. While the ideal voltage for an adapter would be 7.5volts, 9 would work fine. I have a couple of 9v 1A power supplies that I plan to make cables with multiple plugs for as each one could power three Shruthis.

If you buy the PowerALL basic kit, you’ll have an inverter cable, so you can plug your Shruthis.
I have a Powerall bringing power flawlessly to 2 shruthis, 1 anushri, 1 MFB synth-light and a DDL-10 pedal, all chained.

A 9V 1A power supply would be nice, as it has been said beware of the polarity if you come from the guitar stompboxes world.
You can probably use a power supply for an external hard-drive (generally it’s 12v and above 1.5A) without a problem although I wouldn’t recommend 12v for the 4PM and the YM editions. Other filters are not that hungry and work just fine without overheating using a 12v SMPS adapter.

once you change to euro format panel kits™ you can wire them internally

Thanks folks. Think ill go for a power all for the moment then to power the ever increasing Shruthi army that has invaded my life of late…

Maybe racking them would be simpler…¿;

Yes, Racking is simpler. 3 Shruthis in on Baugruppenträger, nicely aligned. Im at it making a smile Thru circuit specially for this Purpose :wink: