D1 D2 value on the 4p filter

Is it a problem if the value of the D1 and D2 are 2,4V, or the sound is different with the 3,6V


Well, D1 is for the power supply, so yes, that would indeed be a problem… Your shruthi won’t get any power if D1 is 2,4v, since it would burn out instantly…(ANY of the 1N400X series is fine) The other ones are specified as 2,4v, but I can’t comment on what issues could arise from using a different diode… (Can’t see why any issues should arise, but waiting for the master, mr. Olivier to comment on that…)

I think he’s talking about the diodes on the filter board. D1 and D2 are used for resonance level limiting. Try 2.4V, if you like the sound… why not?

I’ve designed a synth and documented it. I don’t think it’s my duty to think about, and document, all variations of it resulting from part substitutions. As a builder, that should be your job.